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Newsletter – September 13th, 2010

Posted on September 13 2010


 Contest week!! Win free stuffs!!! 

Win free stuffs all week long! 

Starting today and running through the end of the week, we are going to be featuring a daily set of giveaways via Huck's twitter feed. We got shirts, hoodies, all kinds of shit to give away. Here's everything you need to know: First, make sure you're following Huck on Twitter: Next, once a day, every day this week, Huck is going to post a photo of a toy in his own personal collection along with a question about said figure (ie, who designed it, the name of the figure, etc). The first person to reply with the correct answer will win a gift pack that includes a t-shirt or hoodie, decals, maybe a toy, a couple of Huck's Art Hustle cards, and whatever else we can throw in the pile. And just to give everyone a fair chance at winning something, we will also pick a second random winner each day out of all of the replies. So even if someone beats you to the first answer, everyone will have a second chance at winning a gift pack. No need to give up hope if you don't answer first, keep your guesses coming! How's that sound? :) We will announce & contact all the winners via Twitter.

Pit Fighter & La Muerte Negro  

We've still got a couple custom figures left... 

We've still got a couple of customs looking for a good home here. A Pit Fighter Nibbles and a La Muerte Negro, priced at $650 and $800 respectively. Email for more information. First come, first serve... someone give these fellas a good home!    

Kanpai!!! .

..the ancient god of fresh fish and strong sake. 

Huck took a detour from his most recent designs on this custom figure. Something a little off the beaten path... We love the work Coarse Toys has been doing and the Jaws figure specifically. Huck really enjoyed working on this figure, it was a very organic creative process from beginning to end. We hope you enjoy it too. More photos can be found on Huck's Flickr 

And sorry but this already has a home. It's not for sale. 

Thanks!! - Huck & Crew


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