Originally announced via Kickstarter in May 2013, BattleTails is a live action strategic defense game where you, the hero, command one of three clans to defend your city and drive out invaders. There are three clans to choose from and they include Clan Six Tails, a clan of mischievous Snow Monkeys; Clan Ten Thousand Winds, a warrior clan of magic wielding tigers; and the nefarious Boso Ichiban Clan, a rag tag group of human punks and troublemakers.

In true DIY fashion, you will have the ability to customize your hero, build your forces and unlock hard to find “chase” characters from other villages that you can collect and use in combat. You’ll recognize a lot of these characters from the Gold Life universe.

We are a small development team working in our spare hours to make this game a reality. Building this game and this universe hasn't been cheap. High quality art and animation takes time and resources. As of January 2015 we have a playable beta that is being tested by a select group of backers. We are currently implementing final features, bug testing and hope to launch the final product on IOS and Android devices within the next couple of months.




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