The Last Drop Dunny - Sket x Huck

By Huck Gee

Well, here we are. For the first time in our 10 year careers, Huck and Sket have finally gotten together and combined our styles and stories to release an 8” Custom, “The Last Drop Dunny”. This poison influenced custom Dunny comes with Huck’s signature skull combined with Sket's signature bottle design.

We are putting these up for sale in the store on February 21st at 12AM PST and they will be available til 11:59PM PST - 24 hours - 1 day ONLY! After this date there will be no more orders taken, and this figure will be gone forever!

Sket One x Huck Gee 8" Custom Last Drop Dunny

$475.00 each + S&H

Figure comes signed by both artists

Laser Etched Cherry Wood Tag
Custom Screen Printed Shot Glass
Velour Traveling Bag
Cork Stopper

Allow 6 to 8 weeks after sale date for delivery (estimated delivery – Beginning of April 2014). All tracking info will be sent at time of shipping.

Thank you!

Sket One return policy:
If for any reason any part of the custom arrives damaged, please contact me within 3 days of the delivery date for repairs and or returns.Postponing the contact will waive the right of the return and repair and then you will be responsible to go through the proper channels of the post office for reimbursement.

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  • I just bought last drop off of ebay, and I have a question. First i am nou used to Huck Gee putting out defective products which is why i am asking. There are a lot of air bubbles throughout, some even break surface, is this normal? Also thrre is silver markings on top like from a thin felt pen. I want to make sure this is normal, asi i paid double the release price. Also wanted to know how to get the purple to really show as in ad pics? Plmk on above. Thxs. Marc Ancell

    marc ancell on

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