Fletcher the Grifling

By Huck Gee

Fletcher the Grifling

The tales vary...

"There I was, pacing a gorgeous 3 point buck when I heard, or rather felt, something behind me. I don't know where it came from. It just stood there, watching me as it drank from a glowing flask. It was so tall I couldn't see it's tattooed face for the canopy, just the outline of those massive horns! I've never ran so fast in my life."

"That spindly legged thing almost skewered me with it's long pointy stick!"

"I walked into the clearing to check on my snares and there that towering horned thing sat, just staring at me, staring through me. It was so intense that it took me a breath before I realized it was riding on a giant beetle!"

"That eye, that single all seeing eye... what kind of creature only has one eye?! It's arrows may have chased me and my prospects out of that valley but that eye followed me into my dreams!"

Whatever their story, a pattern usually emerges. The Grifling are the forest sentinels. They are the Guardians of Wildwood Valley.

- excerpts from Chapters of the North, Volume VI - Mahotsukai Hoohige

Each 13.5" tall figure is signed, numbered, includes shown accessories and comes padded and packaged in its own hand assembled and laser etched wooden box and then boxed within another shipping box. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. Only 10 available, $950 per figure.These are available now and will ship within the week.

These will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone interested, please email sales@huckgee.com ASAP to reserve your figure and make payment arrangements.



  • I have been a fan for years. Wish I could pick this one up. But with a wedding and getting an apartment my money is all tied up. I will be picking up the print though. Don’t the the future Mrs.

    Dan Fletcher on

  • thank you

    huck on

  • Mr. Gee
    You are a real Master Designer Toys… You are my favorite designer and i had the nice pleasure to know you in the Kidrobot Store in Sobe Miami years ago signing the my Post Apocalypse Dunny Set.
    Great Job and receive all my respect and admiration for such excellent and dedicated work carried out in each of its parts.


    Edgar Nunes

    Edgar J Nunes on

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