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Posted on December 10 2014

2015 marks a unique turning point in my life. It closes a heavy chapter behind me and brings with it new challenges and new adventures. Before me is the path that many close to me have considered long overdue.

I have decided that with this rebirth, the end of this year is a deservedly fitting time to clean out my display cases, wipe clean the shelves, and put forth my second "11/10" show. To maximize my investment and cut gallery related costs that would normally be passed onto buyers I have decided to host this show online myself. This show will "open" at 10am (PST) Friday, December 12th, directly at www.HuckGee.com. The 40+ pieces in this collection mark the last 3 years of my career and their sales will directly finance my next adventures.

So, please, on the morning of Friday, December 12th, let me pour you an imaginary glass of champagne, offer an invisible hors d'oeuvre, and join me for a stationary stroll through my illusory gallery...


And finally, let me give you my warmest thanks for your continued patronage over the years. I would not be where I am today without your support. I am blessed and constantly thankful that I get to live the life that I lead. With that being said, I raise a virtual glass to all of you this New Year, wherever you may be: thank you, here's to your health, Happy Holidays, what not, and stay tuned for the excitement to come.



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  • Sergio: December 24, 2014

    what a great Christmas gift to receive a huck gee figure from his 11/10 collection. There are no short cuts with his work, attention to detail from start until finish and that’s including the packing. Great work! Totally worth the price. Looking forward to the next releases.

  • Huck: December 10, 2014

    All the available pieces will go on sale beginning at 10am on Friday. These are all “buy it now”. I don’t have a preview available, apologies.

  • darcy: December 10, 2014


    Is there a preview of the 40 pieces you have for sale or will we have to wait till Dec 12th?

    Is this an online auction or buy it now?

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