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Posted on February 10 2015


Even before I discovered the wonderful world of Art Toy Design I was collecting figures that sparked my imagination. Everything from Spawn to Kubricks and vintage Robotech mechs. I hunted for these in stores that dotted the Bay Area. I travelled by train and bus to remarkable little niche stores that specialized in this stuff back when the internet was in it's infancy. Finding the majority of these toys actually meant walking in and seeing them in person. And amongst these stores there was one real treasure, the magical Kimono My House: the elusive toy importer and store found on top of a multi story warehouse in Emeryville. My first time visiting this place is a cherished memory. Of climbing a dark staircase in a remote warehouse district, stepping out onto the roof, blinded by the sunlight, peering through the glare and finding a giant Ultraman statue standing over a sign pointing to a tiny rooftop store crammed floor to ceiling with absolutely ridiculous and rare Japanese toys. The logistics of how this place stays in business still boggles my mind.

Since then I have been fortunate to watch my hobby explode into a career. I have toured the globe. I have had children. I have expanded my talents. I have watched artists strive and far too many companies soar and fail. And now, after over a decade and a half in the industry, I have reached a turning point. It is time for me to take my craft in a bold new direction.

My Vision

My vision is to design and manufacture all of my creations here on the West Coast. To utilize the talent that grows in my own backyard. To cut out the unnecessary complexity of manufacturing abroad and focus on hand crafted exceptional quality goods here in the US. 

Be it resin, vinyl, wood, metal or plastic, I believe in communicating experiences and stories through the natural rhythm and balance of design. I seek to craft beautiful products and distribute them directly to my fans and collectors worldwide. I wish to give everyone the chance to step foot in an elusive rooftop toy gallery. Or experience the first time that the elegant shapes and lines of a complex design speak their name.

And, like many of my peers I am invested in this community. I wish to see this movement and the hard working artists that comprise it continue to grow and flourish. With this in mind I have dedicated a line of upcoming releases specifically for our community: for the customizers, the mold makers, the artists. Great things are coming.

I am hungry, my sleeves are rolled and the gloves are off.

- Huck Gee (February 9th, 2015)



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