Clutter Magazine, The Blank & the DAMEs

By Huck Gee

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag...

Clutter Magazine issue 027 is now out and there's a pretty great (IMHO) in depth interview with me in it. I talk about what's been going on and what the future holds (hint: awesomeness). I highly recommend you run out and buy a copy from your local retailer or online directly from Clutter.

If however you are a chintzy ass bastard you can also read the full interview online at I'd love to hear what you think about the interview.

Along with everything discussed, I have finally unveiled The Blank, my own platform figure. I have spent a long time working on these, they've been in development for over 4 years, taking my time, getting the feels right. Everyone that has seen the production samples and turnarounds has sent me back ecstatic responses. I was genuinely surprised by how positive the responses were. I mean, I knew it was good but you folks are all picky in your own ways. 

The Blank is 7-8" tall, cast in resin, small batch, made here in the USA, and I have complete control over their direction and future. There are a lot more details still to be unveiled but the first two production pieces will be available before the end of summer (see image above). Stay tuned!

And that means I'm doing customs again (cheers from those of you who have been patiently pestering me)...

This next custom set is launching in a beautiful new direction. I've been working on this world for months. I have sketchbooks full of drawings. The first teaser was the FNM poster I recently released. The next tease is the cover of Clutter Magazine. There will also be several illustrations in the upcoming SDCC issue of Color Ink Book. This world is fun. I am geeking out hard on it. It allows me to mash up many elements that are rooted in my heritage and soul. It speaks to me. My first set of 10 custom pieces is in the works and I expect it to be available in early July. 

So go ahead and take a closer look at that Clutter Magazine cover, there they are, the “Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement #11 & #13". My next custom set. And my first introduction into the beautiful world of the Dapper Little Scoundrels. What do you think? Who wants to see these 12+" tall piloted mobile pillboxes rampaging across their desktop and display cases? 

I hope you are all wonderful! And thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued patronage.


PS: While I still have you, BattleTails is practically done. Seriously. We currently have an international launch date targeting the end of June. We're submitting for IOS review. It's finally happening. I'm kinda in shock. If anyone is interested in our final rounds of Beta Testing, you can sign up here: BattleTails

Also, I will be touring again this year. The usuals: SDCC, NYCC, and some exclusive DesignerCon stuff but I also just confirmed a guest appearance at SGTCC in Singapore and I'm looking into Toycon UK, Bangkok, Shanghai and Sydney conventions later this year or early next. Hope to see you out there!

Thanks again!


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  • You should totes do ToyCon in the UK :P

    NYCC, SDCC, DesignerCon, SGTCC, Bangkok, Shanghai, Sydney ain’t got shit on ToyConUK. You’ll see the future right there in London. Save your money and head to the shores of Great Britain for something great. Ha.

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