DAME #11

By Huck Gee


The long quagmire of trench warfare was overturned with the invention of the mobilized pillbox. The air battle may have continued to rage overhead but ground warfare was revolutionized with the invention of the Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement. The first mechanical contraptions were primitive in design but they proved their overwhelming effectiveness at the battle of Mulford Sound. Engineers on both sides were quick to improve on each subsequent design with some engineering (evil) geniuses pushing the concept into unimaginable directions.

The open fields and city streets may have been where territories were won or lost but with the Mobile Emplacement arms race heating up, espionage was quick to become one of the most important battlefields of this war. Trench coats and black clad operatives, inside jobs and back alley exchanges, break ins and hidden cameras. Spurred by fear and paranoia DAME factories became small armed city states unto themselves. Salaryworkers living on site, working around the clock, locked away behind desperate layers of security. 

The DAME pilots themselves are known to form close bonds with their mechanized units. Emblazoning their steel with pinups, graffiti and fanciful female names. The brass initially tried to curtail these endeavors but quickly realized that that special DAME/pilot bond produced a better warrior. For some of these pilots, this was all they had: they eat, sleep, live and breathe their DAME. And that unique bond might just be what would win this war.

This is the world of the Dapper Little Scoundrels.

"Just a few short years ago who could've imagined a battlefield strewn with giant lumbering mechanized tin can knights. It's like some unimaginable mash up of our history and future." - anonymous lad on the underground

Not only is DAME #11 my first custom set based in the Dapper Little Scoundrels universe but it's also my first piece being unveiled on The Blank platform. This figure set stands 15" tall, give or take. The pilot does fit inside but, just like the real thing, it's a tight fit. Signed and numbered. Set of 10. $1800 + S&H. Payment due at time of ordering. Will ship in approximately 4-6 weeks. Anyone interested in adding this beauty to your collection please email sales@huckgee.com ASAP before they're gone. 

Thank you!



  • Thanks a ton for sharing your well put together website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIJzPyBZiQA

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  • This is so cool! What are they made out of? Plastic? Resin? I would like to try my hand at this.. I find stuff like this very inspiring. Thank you and Cheers!

    Kevin P-ski on

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