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The Skullhead Blank - v1.0

Posted on October 01 2015

It's finally here. Seven inches tall, hand cast resin, small batch, designed and produced in the USA. The first batch will be available at, tomorrow, Oct 2nd, at Noon PDT. Each figure is signed and available for $75 (with free domestic shipping).

This is my first platform figure. This is 100% Huck Gee and is long overdue. The Blank has been in various stages of development and redesign for close to 4 years. I took my time in getting the feels right. It was designed, engineered and manufactured utilizing the talent that grows in my own backyard. To cut out the unnecessary complexity of manufacturing abroad and to focus on exceptional quality goods manufactured here in the USA.

The initial production costs were higher than anticipated. I did everything possible to keep the price low but manufacturing quality goods in the USA is not cheap. The Blank's price reflects the cost of paying employees a living wage, with quality oversight, and doing so in a safe working environment. However, with that being said, we have learned a lot, improved our manufacturing process, and we may be able to bring the price of the Blank down in the future as we streamline the process further. Or... I'll add more details and complexity and it will go higher. :) But this is what it is: A quality product designed and manufactured in the USA.

Alongside my personal desire to have my own platform figure to work from, one of my main goals is to see our toy design movement and the hard working artists that comprise it continue to grow and flourish. With this in mind, about 9 months ago I began pushing The Blank to the top of my priority list. We needed a better design. We needed a platform free of threats of copyright infringement. We needed a platform being produced by a reputable company. It's been a struggle but I finally did it...

This one's for the customizers, the mold makers, the artists and toy designers. This one is for the community. This Blank’s for you.

Stay tuned, I have more yet to come.

Thank you,


  • Karey Maurice: November 06, 2015

    I would like one of these. Le me know when next release.

  • Colin: October 01, 2015

    O I’m going to have to restrain myself from painting one and keep it fresh ?

  • Shira Singerman: October 01, 2015

    Incredible! I cannot wait to own one! I’m naming mine Billy BadAss Blank. Thanks Huck Gee!

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