Pit Fighter Nibbles

By Huck Gee


 Pit Fighter Nibbles  

Natural born brawler... 

Long before he joined the Dread Squad, Nibbles was a renowned pit fighter on his home planet of Naoya 13, born into the interspecies favelas of Taurenos, the sprawling industrial port city. He survived the brutal street life as much with his wits as with his muscle, playing his foes against one another like an elaborate game of chess. His natural born skills and savage upbringing made him a perfect fit for the underground pit fighting circuit. He flourished, against all odds, climbing his way to the top of the heap and into the legends of underground fame. But as is bound to happen, no matter how many steps he tried to stay ahead of his enemies, his luck eventually ran out, he crossed one person too many and found himself hunted down by the elite military police, jailed in a maximum security isolation wing, staring down the barrel of politico assassination allegations. He most likely would've perished there if not for Sgt Vasquez stumbling across him and offering him the opportunity of a new life as a member of the UTCMC Dread Squad...but that story is for another day... Here we present Nibbles in all of his pit fighter glory... going on sale this Friday, April 16th, at Noon PDT. Each figure is signed, numbered and comes with shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. 10 figures in this set, $650 per figure. Limit one figure per customer. Huck's Store (Noon PDT, Friday 04/16)




The Coin Jar Winnar(s)!  

The winning total was... drum roll please... $471.95 

We said there'd be only one winner, but two people surprisingly guessed the exact same amount of $468.00. With the final CoinStar tally being $471.95 they were both the closest without going over. We will be contacting both of the winners momentarily and shipping them their Dread Squad print sets. 


Thanks for playing!! - Huck & Crew


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