Newsletter - June 22nd, 2010

By Huck Gee


 Spring Cleaning 

Looky what we dug up... 

Just look at that stack of vinyl goodness. For some of you trying to complete your Dunny collection this is just one set short of being the holy grail of finds: Dunny Series 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (2009). In addition, we've got a couple of the Kidrobot Super Mini Keychain sets and a set of the 2006 World Cup Coca Cola Trexis. The best part? They're all sealed and unopened. These are Huck's artist sets, one of each figure in the set as part of his involvement in the series. They've been sitting in the back of a storage box for the last few years. We really had no clue what to price these at so we threw them all up for auction. You can find everything here: Huck's Ebay Listings.  


The Vader Project  

Freeman's Auction House 

After several years touring the globe, The Vader Project helmets are finally going on the auction block. In addition to Huck's take on the classic villain, Kurai no Kurai, there are over 100 other helmets in this globe trotting show, painted by some of the art world's greatest. These will all be auctioned off via Freeman's Auction House in Philadelphia on July 10th, 2010. The entire catalog is available for viewing here: Sale 1375 and Huck's helmet here: Lot 37 Good luck!  They also have some of the gorgeous Vader Project books available for preorder here: Vader Project Auction Catalog 


Nibbles, Nibbles, Nibbles  

Someone give this guy a home!  

We've still got one Pit Fighter Nibbles left. He's up in the store now. Go and get him before he's gone for good! 


That's all for this week! 

 Thanks!! - Huck & Crew


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