Los Angeles De La Muerte

By Huck Gee


 Los Angeles De La Muerte  

The revered guardians of the Taurenos royal family. 

The Taurenos monarchy has ruled Naoya 13 for the better part of two centuries. Maintaining their hold on this tumultuous kingdom has been no easy feat, thwarting numerous coup and assassination attempts over the decades. The inner sanctum of House Taurenos' security forces are the well known and revered Los Angeles De La Muerte. These elite troops are hand picked at a very young age, biomechanically enhanced, rewired and groomed into their roles as the sole guardians of the royal family. Linked together, they act as a single unit, sharing their data streams, their sole purpose in life is to protect the royal family. Knowing nothing but loyalty, it's almost chivalrous. Can you think of a more trustworthy and efficient team to guard Queen Taurenos and her family? 10 figures in this set, $800 per figure. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. Limit one figure per customer. This set will be distributed to customers on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone interested please email sales@huckgee.com ASAP to reserve your figure and make payment arrangements.



Kidrobot Exclusive Release and Signing  

SDCC Booth 4529 

Huck will be signing at the Kidrobot SDCC booth this Saturday, July 24th, from 1-3pm: "Saturday, Day 3 at booth 4529 is the day of mystery (of some sorts) for the SDCC exclusive release and signing with Huck Gee. Let your imaginations run wild with this one!" 



Fully Visual Skullheads  

Double Rainbow Awesome! 

I wish there was a way for you folks to see these in person, the size, the heft, they are downright overwhelming. There are still a handful of each still available over at www.fullyvisual.com.    


"The Monster Within"  

Huck's Custom Buff Monster 

In case you missed the Buff Monster group show, "The Monster Within", and Huck's custom submission for said show, you should go here and take a looksee: Huck's Buff Monster Custom. Also, it appears you can still buy pieces from the show here: http://www.gr2.net/artshow.php#  


Thanks!! - Huck & Crew


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