Double fisted, double barreled, sawed off buttstocks!

By Huck Gee

 Double fisted, double barreled, sawed off buttstocks!  

SGT Hicks!!! 

SGT Hicks doesn't fuck around. And double fisting, double barreled, sawed off M41H Assault Shotguns kinda proves that point. At least we think so. UTCMC's rhino bad boy is finally here in 7" (or is that 9"?) form and we're gonna do something special this time around: This recession kinda blows, doesn't it? So we cut our pricing on this bad boy to give folks that have been pinching pennies a better chance to purchase a Huck custom. We're listing this bad boy at $500. How's that bit of madness for ya? Each figure is signed, numbered and comes with shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. 10 figures in this set, $500 per figure. This set will be distributed to customers on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone interested please email ASAP to reserve your figure and make payment arrangements. Limit one figure per customer. And BTW, he's 12 inches tall to the top of that flag.

And while we have your attention, let us point out that we still have some of these gorgeous SGT Hicks "R&R" LE prints available for only $75. You should buy one here. 

  Huck's 2Tone Dunny AP's  

Next up we've got the AP infos you've all been clammoring about... 

You want them. We have them. We're gonna push them live at noon PST tomorrow, Friday, 9/24, in Huck's (revisited) Ebay store. You remember the place don't you? Let us refresh your memory: Huck's Ebay Store Each Dunny is signed & numbered. 25 Artist Proofs in this set. $75 per figure. 



The return of the BuffMon!!!  


In case you missed the Buff Monster group show, "The Monster Within", and Huck's custom submission for said show "BuffMon", the piece just arrived back at our studio. If anyone is interested in an original Huck Gee art piece, and hence picking up this wicked take on the Buff man himself please email


Another Contest Week!! Win more free stuffs!!!  

Win free stuffs all week long, next week! 

Since we had so much fun with the Twitter contest last week, we're gonna do it again. But this time we're gonna share with our Facebook fans. So starting Monday, the 27th, and running through the end of the week, we are going to be featuring a daily set of giveaways via Huck's Facebook Fan Page. We've still got tons of t- shirts, keychains, decals, all kinds of shit to give away. Here's everything you need to know: First, make sure you "Like" Huck on Facebook: Next, once a day, every day next week, Huck is going to post a photo of a toy in his own personal collection along with a question about said figure (ie, who designed it, the name of the figure, etc). The first person to reply with the correct answer will win a gift pack that includes a t-shirt, decals, maybe a toy, a couple of Huck's Art Hustle cards, and whatever else we can throw in the pile. And just to give everyone a fair chance at winning something, we will also pick a second random winner each day out of all of the replies. So even if someone beats you to the first answer, everyone will have a second chance at winning a gift pack. No need to give up hope if you don't answer first, keep your guesses coming! How's that sound? :) We will announce & contact all the winners via Facebook 


Thanks!! - Huck & Crew 

PS: Rhinos are the new monkeys.


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