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Posted on December 20 2010



The final print of 2010... 

Two thousand ten, It's been one hell of a year... at times utterly amazing, at others a struggle just to see the path ahead. I'm looking forward to what my future holds but in my preparations for the new year, I found myself revisiting a special time and place: my travels thru East Asia earlier this year. Heavily inspired by the beauty of Cambodia's people and country, I took this as an opportunity to revisit the journeys of Raku. This print not only signifies the turning point of yet another year but begins a new chapter for my Gold Life tales. 

There are some huge developments coming in the second half of 2011. Stuff I've been pushing for and working towards for several years. I'm excited to see these projects finally coming to fruition and we will be leading up to them with more art, more toys, more prints, more customs... indeed, more awesomes. Gold Life is coming.  

Raku, forever on the road, unassuming traveler by day, purveyor of the wealthy by night. Running from his past, walking steadfastly into his future. Caught in a moment, in the Valley of Three Falls, seemingly lost in thought. Wanderlust. 

Each is printed on fine art watercolor  paper (225gs), 20"x12" (plus 1" border on all sides), gold embossed,  numbered and signed. Limited edition run of 100 prints, $60 each.  

While we're at it, we're gonna mark all clothing products in the store 25% off thru Friday. Anyone wanting one as a last minute Xmas gift, we will be offering 3 day and next day shipping options where applicable. It's never too late to give the gift of Huck. :) 

And last but not least, a huge thank you to everyone that has continued to support me throughout the last year. It's been a great journey so far and I wouldn't be here where I am today without your continued love and support. Thank you all! 



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