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 LifeTime by Huck Gee  

Fans wanted bigger watches. Vannen listened. 

Coming Tuesday, February 8th, we will be releasing limited quantities of Huck's second Vannen XL Artist Watch, "LifeTime". We will have 10 Artist Proofs available for purchase at Noon on Tuesday via Huck's store. Each will be signed, numbered, and available for $85 each

Huck's Store (Noon PST, Tuesday 2/8) 


From the Official Press Release: Vannen Launches XL Series with Huck Gee Artist Watch  

On February 8th, Vannen is pleased to present a special watch release so big it spans continents. When Huck Gee's "Killing Time" sold out in November, fans around the world wrote to us asking for more. Once our art watches are gone, they're gone, but we couldn't say no to our friends at Vinyl on Vinyl. Located in the Philippines, a place that's no stranger to Huck Gee special releases, Huck's new watch, "Lifetime" is sure to go quick! "Lifetime" features Huck's iconic "Skullhead" on the face and a repeating skull and crossbones design on the strap. While "Killing Time" represented death, "Lifetime" represents life. With a pure white color palette and a crown and back case etched with the Kanji for "life," this timepiece is all about living. Together, "Killing Time" and "Lifetime" parallel the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, with life and death giving rise to each other in turn. The release of "Lifetime" as a shared exclusive between Vannen and Vinyl on Vinyl commemorates the island gallery's 1-year anniversary. "Lifetime" is limited to 150 pieces, retails for $85 and comes with signed and number packaging. Choose Life exclusively at and at


ABOUT THE ARTIST A UK native, Huck Gee is a contemporary artist, illustrator, toy maker, and designer best known by toy enthusiasts for his iconic “Skullhead” character and “Gold Life” art creations. Heavily influenced by Japanese and Hong Kong pop art, Gee calls his style “Bastardized Asian Pop Culture”. The demand for Huck’s Custom Toy Art and illustrations has grown quite immense, with small runs of hand crafted Art Toys and original prints selling out in seconds online and shipping to art collectors worldwide. Huck’s works have been exhibited in galleries worldwide and in 2007 his “Hello My Name Is” 8” Dunny was accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. In addition, Huck has also consigned several pieces for one of the world’s leading fine art auction houses: Christie’s Auction House. He’s released numerous limited production toys through Kidrobot including some of the most exclusive and sought after Dunnys to date, figures for The Standard, DJ Qbert, and a series of figures for Barney’s New York which came dressed in the 2005 spring collections of five of the world’s most famous fashion designers: Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, Rick Owens, and Duckie Brown. His extraordinary skills with customizing vinyl toys earned him the title of Best Customizer in the 2009 Kidrobot Artist Awards. Most recently Huck collaborated with Ken Block and DC Shoes for Ken’s new Monster World Rally Team WRC logo entitled “Blockhead”. Coinciding with this project will be several limited edition shoe and clothing runs, the first of which is to be released in summer of 2010. Huck currently runs a studio in San Francisco with several assistants, and when not busy planning world domination, he spends his free time chasing skirts and pretending to be a racecar driver.


ABOUT VINYL ON VINYL Vinyl on Vinyl is an art gallery dedicated to featuring modern-day pop culture artists influenced by illustration, poster art, graffiti, street art, comic books, pop surrealism and graphic design. Its uniqueness lies in selecting artists who explore various contemporary cultural interests and immediate experiences through the visual language and techniques of commercial art and fine art alike. Aptly located in The Collective, Vinyl on Vinyl creates a gallery space that reflects the lifestyle and passions of its artists. Providing a haven where artists can explore and experiment on their craft amidst the conformities of the norm. Giving the artist community a venue in which to showcase their work in the context of the art world. Going on its 1st year, Vinyl on Vinyl continues to create a portal where the local and international art community can transcend. Forging on with its mission to be the catalyst for the Pop Pluralism movement in the Philippines. 


ABOUT VANNEN Vannen captures the electrifying worlds of art, fashion, and pop culture and infuses them into every limited edition timepiece we produce. Vannen makes exceptional, highly collectible, limited edition, quality driven timepieces at affordable prices. Constructing wearable art that is both functional and accessible - but still exclusive - Vannen gives the public a new way to showcase their taste in art, fashion and style without breaking the bank. Individually inspected, assembled and packaged by hand in Los Angeles, every watch is treated like a true piece of art. Designed by some of the world's most exciting multidisciplinary artists, Vannen creates wearable art that appeals to forward-thinking, style-savvy individuals while honoring the distinctive vision of our team of cutting edge artists. Every Vannen watch is a collaboration, from the design and packaging to the bonuses that have become a cornerstone of the Vannen experience. There is no single Vannen aesthetic. You just know a Vannen watch when you see one. Based loosely around the Swedish word for friend, Vannen Watches takes a pro-artist stance and strives to build a global community of friends united by art. When you collect Vannen, you can feel good about your purchase. Your investment is felt directly by the artists, and you become part of the cycle of friends supporting friends. Each collection of watches bolsters the art scene by bringing awareness to emerging artists and inviting the world to experience something new. Vannen is for the artists, the shops, the galleries, the collectors...and most importantly you. 


- Huck & Crew


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