Cleaning out the Workshop

By Huck Gee


 Cleaning out the workshop = Sale!  

30% off everything in our store! 

We recently received a big shipment of yet to be announced (but soon to be announced) awesomeness that we have to make room for. So we're cleaning out the workshop this week and marking everything currently in our store 30% off today thru Friday, May 6th. Clothing, prints, decals, come and get em! 30% off for 3 days only! So go here and buy stuff: NOW!  

One extra Skullhead Dunny AP found  

Artist Proof #13 of 15  

SOLD SOLD SOLD While cleaning we found an extra Skullhead Dunny Artist Proof hiding under a desk. We only received 15 of these bad boys and almost all were spoken for before we even received the shipment. It appears this guy got lost in the shuffle somehow. He is signed, numbered 13 of 15 and is available for $150. First person to email and make payment arrangements can have him. :) 


Last Samurai Hick-san figure still available  

The hunter, the horn taker, the ivory assassin. 

We still have one left! Samurai Hick-san. The Collector. The hunter, the horn taker, the ivory assassin. Renowned from coast to coast, legend states that he stains his armor in the blood of the vanquished and that he was once a powerful general that played a pivotal role in The Three Wars. Feared by many an enemy for riding into battle on a massive armored rhino mount. Now he is just plain feared. HORN CORE

This Gold Life figure stands 9" tall to the top of his horn. Each figure is signed, numbered and comes dressed in black kimono, blood red armor, and with shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. 10 figures in this set, $850 per figure. Limit one figure per customer. 

Any interested, please email ASAP to reserve your figure and make payment arrangements.  


- Huck & Crew


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