Gold Life Dunny Series is finally here! Finally!

By Huck Gee

Gold Life Dunny Series is finally here! Finally!

We told you it was coming... Fair warning has been given… the dawn of Gold Life is near.  Huck Gee puts his unique spin on the traditional ways of the Samurai for his highly anticipated Dunny Gold Life hyper series.  This artist-dedicated collection brings each of the players in the storied Samurai tale to life – the wretches, the warriors, the Geishas who loved them… the deadly Ninjas who prowled the night – 14 characters in all,  3-inches and blind boxed, including Tarzo the Unknown Rifleman and a mystery chase.  Each figure comes equipped with an appropriate, but often lethal accessory.  Set to release September 1 for $9.95/blind box (£7.90 UK; 9.20€ Europe) in Kidrobot stores, and specialty retailers worldwide.

Gold Life Dunny Series Kabuki & kitsune 2-pack

In addition to the regular series... Inspired by Huck Gee’s long awaited Gold Life Dunny Series comes a limited edition 2-Pack.  Gee puts his unique Asian Pop spin on the traditional ways of the Samurai with unparalleled attention to style, color and detail.  The two 3-inch Dunnys bring two key players in the Gold Life tale to life – “Kabuki” The Masked Ronin and “Kitsune” The Seven Tailed Geisha. The ronin comes equipped with a razor-sharp Samurai sword, mask to terrify his opponent, and traditional sandals, while his trickster companion comes with a detailed mask, a flower garland, sandals and a mirror holding her masked gaze.  Available beginning September 1 in Kidrobot stores, and specialty retailers worldwide for $29.95/pack (£24 UK; 27.80€ Europe).


Gold Life Signing Tour - August 29 to September 1

Come meet the 6 foot tall hunk of creative silliness in person... As the Gold Life draws near, Huck Gee prepares for an epic pre-release signing tour in celebration of his new 3-inch hyper Dunny series and the Black Kabuke & Kitsune 2-pack. Don’t miss your chance to meet Huck and celebrate this highly anticipated release at Kidrobot stores: New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The journey begins Monday, August 29 and goes through Thursday, September 1 with all event times from 6-pm. 


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  • wow…. this is so great Huck!!! i subscribed, and maybe you could send me a post apocalypse dunny box and a gold life dunny box Ps(You are the greatest kidrobot art designer the world has ever seen)!! That is my opinion

    Nick on

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