Fully Visual x Huck Gee x The Black Skull

By Huck Gee

Fully Visual x Huck Gee x The Black Skull

Wall mounted bronze Skullheads, hand cast & powder coated.

Quite a few people did the math and realized there was a missing colorway from Fully Visual's candy colored skull drop. So here it is, my exclusive black colorway, only 10 made, $200 each. Available here now: http://stores.ebay.com/HuckGee These wall mounted bronze Skullheads, each measuring 5" x 6" x 2.5" and weighing just under 2 lbs are hand cast in California by Fully Visual and then powder coated in a beautiful palette of colors and stamped with the magic numbers: 01/10 to 10/10. These things are gorgeous and the full set is stunning to behold in person. The addition of the black is just plain mean. Want more? Fully Visual still has a selection of the other colors (including that gorgeous candy pink shown above) available here: http://fullyvisual.bigcartel.com

"11/10" The Artwork of Huck Gee

Artist Retrospective Hits Los Angeles for a 3-Day Only Event

Next week, November 10th, it's almost upon us. In addition to almost 50 "11/10" pieces, Huck's book release, and the Dunny 2 pack, Huck will also be unveiling some of his largest silicone and resin projects to date. Huck's been working his fingers to the bone. We have folks flying in from around the world for this. It will be an event to remember. Be prepared, be there early: www.11of10.com  


- Huck & Crew


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