Thank you!

By Huck Gee

Thank you!

Well shit, I guess I'm doing something right... over the weekend, at the Designer Toy Awards, I won Toy of the Year and Artist of the Year. With 6 nominations, I knew going in that my odds of winning something were good but it was still a surprise. I was not expecting it. I had no acceptance speech prepared. I got onto the stage to accept Artist of the Year and stood there looking like a deer in headlights. So let me try to remedy that now...

This year has been tough. Financially and personally. I've been working my ass off restructuring my business, creating new designs, and doing everything I can to revitalize this industry. It's been downright brutal 12 months. And winning these awards is a little reminder that I am indeed on the right path.

The Blanks are a big part of my future plans and they have been extremely well received. I know plenty of you have been clamoring to get your hands on some and I will have more Blanks restocked next month. And a couple fun similar surprises in store for DesignerCon. Plus a new version that should hit the store sometime before Xmas. Stay tuned. 

In addition to the Blank, I have been exploring some smaller side projects this year. Some you've seen, some still to be released. And I have invested heavily into the Dapper Little Scoundrels, my latest world of toy and character designs that I am absolutely ecstatic about. I am chomping at the bit to show you whats coming further down the pipeline but like always, I keep it under lock and key until it's ready to be unveiled. You will see 2 new designs launch over the course of the next month or so. These are pieces I am extremely excited about. Anyone like crab mechs? *evil grin*

And finally, and most importantly, none of my current course would have any success without you, my collectors and fans, loving my work and supporting me. It doesn't matter how hard I work if nobody is inspired by it or there to support me in doing it. So, thank you. Thank you. As many times as I need to say it. Thank you. I appreciate your devotion and patronage, and I wouldn't be here today, typing up this newsletter, without you.

Thank you.



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