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How much is in the coin jar?

Posted on April 04 2012


How much is in the coin jar?

So I've got a coin jar. A BIG coin jar. A 1 gallon glass jug of a coin jar. I throw my change into it at the end of every day and once it gets full, takes about 2 years, I count it all out and buy myself a little present (see: car parts).

So how much do you think is in this coin jar? It's probably more than you think, there's a lot of silver in there. Why don't you take a guess? Maybe you'll win something! I'll pick 3 winners on Friday, April 6th, to send a gift package. Post your guess in the comments below (make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you if you win, and don't worry, we won't use it for marketing or anything else)
I'll pick one grand prize winner, and let's use the "Price is Right" rules here: closest to the correct amount without going over wins the Grand Prize gift pack. Plus, I'll pick 2 other random winners from all of the guesses to win some almost-but-not-quite-grand prize gift packs. :)

So what are you waiting for? Post you best guess in the comments below! (limit one guess per person!)

Also, Kidrobot just posted part 1 of a 3 part interview with me. Check it out...

The Huck Gee Interview - Part 1 from Kidrobot on Vimeo.


- Huck


  • Kipp Spunk: April 16, 2012

    I would say $1 but i know thats super wrong. SOOOO 169.69. YAAA HOW BOUT THAT ONE. Idk why everyone is saying in the 400+

  • Sonny Negron: April 10, 2012

    $ 400.20

  • Dave: April 09, 2012


  • Jennifer: April 08, 2012


  • the-flip: April 07, 2012


  • Dilon: April 06, 2012


  • Sean: April 06, 2012


  • Zoe: April 06, 2012


  • Joseph: April 06, 2012

    I would say $100.00

  • Jen: April 06, 2012


  • Miko: April 06, 2012


    or 52.5 lbs (plus the jar)

  • Sarah: April 06, 2012


  • Marie: April 06, 2012


  • Sean: April 06, 2012


  • Ryan: April 06, 2012


  • Brian Miller: April 06, 2012


    Great stuff!

  • Steve: April 06, 2012


  • dc: April 06, 2012


  • vasabo: April 06, 2012

    So fun, Huck is so great.

  • Endav: April 06, 2012


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