And the winner is....

By Huck Gee


The grand total in the jar was $444.87!

After combing through the 600+ entries left in the comments our Grand Prize Winner is Lyra, who guessed $444.53! She was the closest without going over (sorry all you folks that guessed $444 or $445). We also picked 2 random entries from all the submissions and they are Long that guessed $351 and a Tim that guessed $293.67.

We will be contacting the winners via email momentarily to get your mailing addresses and t-shirt sizes.

Thanks for playing!


PS: The jug broke while I was emptying it out into the machine... blood, broken glass, coins, it was quite a sight. You see what I go through for you people!!!


  • syncletsa synclets synclets

    Eticettewms on

  • Yikes! I am glad you’re ok. I underestimated at 294. Damn u quarters!

    Carlos - Brutaljuice on

  • Gah! I was so close at $442… shakes fist Next time coin jar!

    Dominic T on

  • Take that shizzle to the bank next time boss and avoid that processing fee.

    Ryan on

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