Free t-shirts for all!*

By Huck Gee


A week of free t-shirts! 

So I'm giving away t-shirts. I've got a shit ton of them, why not? Spend $30 or more in my store between now and Friday, make sure to include the size of t-shirt you would like in the "special instructions" section at checkout, and we'll throw a free t-shirt in with your order. How's that sound? Any questions?


So what are you waiting for? Go get your free t-shirt now:




  1. Spend $30+

  2. Tell us what size t-shirt you want

  3. We send you free t-shirt



- Huck


  • Al, the promo is now over but if you spend $30 today I’ll go ahead and throw in a free t-shirt anyways.


    Huck on

  • Just wonder if you are going to extend the free shirt promo, cause I just read about it?

    Al on

  • You sure can.

    Huck on

  • Can I get this ON Friday?

    Shawn on

  • Awesome! Been meaning to buy a shirt, this is just extra motivation! Haha

    Jonathan on

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