Instagram Competition

By Huck Gee


Instagram Competition - #huckgee

I like instagram. Moreso than other social networks as of late. I have a lot of buddies that take great photography and my feed has been inspiring at times, simply refreshing at others.

I also happen to have set aside three full printer proof sets of the recent ClutterMunk prints.

So let's throw both of those facts into a blender and have ourselves a little #huckgee competition. For the next week, running today, Monday the 6th, through Sunday, August the 12th, anyone posting a photo of something Huck Gee related, be that artwork, illustration, design, Subaru, black t-shirts, basically anything Huck... and adding the hashtag #huckgee, will be entered to win a full set of the ClutterMunk prints. I'm going to be judging solely on creativity here. I'll dig through all the tagged photos and announce the 3 best submissions next Monday, the 13th. How's that sound?

So go get your butt signed up for instagram and start tagging #huckgee in your Huck Gee themed photos now. Go!


Skullslinger Blondie Edition


Ruthless and rugged, Skullslinger may wear a sheriff’s star, but he’s more outlaw than judge. Shading his hollow eyes under a broad rimmed hat, this winged vinyl rogue stands 11 inches tall, ready to draw with vultures circling overhead, the wind billowing his coat and the setting sun bouncing off his spikes and spurs. Skullslinger Blondie looks more bad than good, and is anything but ugly.

Limited to 700 pieces worldwide, Skullslinger draws his guns this Thursday, August 9, retailing for $100 US (£79.90 UK, €92.70 EU) and available at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers worldwide.

Huck will be at Kidrobot San Francisco for the release and signing of his ominous new Skullslinger Blondie Edition. Vinyl collectors mount up Thursday, August 9. Skullslinger rides out at 6pm.


- Huck & Crew


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