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Bugslot & Denguard #9

Posted on November 25 2015

Today we're proud to announce the next chapter in the Dapper Little Scoundrel series: Bugslot and Denguard #9.

The big kids may get to play with their hulking tin cans out on the battlefield but it's these stalwart little critters that keep operations safe behind allied lines. Diesel powered, lightly armored versions of the bigger mobile pillbox battle units, the diminutive Denguard is just as valuable and spits out just as much diesel smoke as their larger brethren. This particular unit, Denguard #9, is lightly armored and mounted with a Crowning Snub Chassis 1919 MG. They may not carry the heavy armor plating or full arsenal of a hulking DAME unit but guys like Bugslot typically don't need that kind of firepower for perimeter patrol. Piloted by one of the cutest little denizens this side of Grey Wolf's Creek, don't be fooled by Bugslot's diminutive size, he's a crack shot with that MG and Denguard #9 is quick as a wink off the starting line.

Bugslot & Denguard #9 will be available for preorder exclusively at www.HuckGee.com on December 1st for 24 hours only. Mark your calendars and set your alarms: they will be available for preorder on Tuesday, December 1st, beginning at 12:01am PST and will be in the store until Midnight only. They will be available for $475 each. Each of these beautifully hand crafted figures will be individually signed and will ship in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Once the clock hits midnight on the close of the 1st these will be gone forever. Don't miss your opportunity to own this adorable, bad ass piece of the Dapper Little Scoundrel universe.

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us directly at sales@huckgee.com

and here's the whole family...


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  • Brian Lathan : December 22, 2015

    Hello Huck Gee,

    My name is Brian Lathan and I’m a first year graduate student at SIU, but let’s just say I’m a humble artist for short. Anyway I was looking of getting into toy design, I think it’s fantastic and just love the way your work looks. But toy design isn’t something that I have around me but I’m too enticed by it to sit back and wait for someone to be close enough to teach me so I want to jump in. I was curious if you’d be able to share some knowledge with me? I see you mentioning using local manufacturer talent to help produce some work, is there a way for me to avoid that? I have an assortment of other questions to ask but the simple one is where should I start? I would love to here back from you. Great work and happy holidays!

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