The Clear Skullhead Blank

By Huck Gee

The joints work. It's clear and shiny as f*ck. Do I really need to say anything else about it?

The official Clear Skullhead Blank goes on sale this Thursday, January 14th, Noon PST at Edition of 75 pieces, $150 each, signed and numbered. This is a preorder. These are time consuming as all hell. Production has begun but these won't ship for another 6 weeks.

Who will be the first to customize one of these?




  • Invaluable analysis – Apropos , if your company requires a CT H-31 , We found a sample document here

    tiffaney acosta on

  • This looks amazing. Congrats!

    david on

  • Hello Huck Gee. Please tell me what series silicone you use? I apologize in advance for this question. Thanks in advance to you. Sincerely.

    Kirill on

  • I’m from Mexico. I want want one of those. Do you ship all the way down here?
    Love your work, btw!

    Alfredo Rueda on

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