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The Post Apocalypse Signing Tour

Posted on February 13 2013

Post Apocalypse Dunny Release and Signing Tour

We are very happy to announce Huck's new Post Apocalypse Dunny Series. An expansion of past creations and an introduction to new. A world of wastes and a world of extremes from a time after time. The inspiration is plainly visible to the perceptive eye.

The shiny, omniscient hypercities of tomorrow. Rising from the ashes like chromed, mechanical phoenix. The Heavy Troopers that protect enclave 13 from the violent wastes that surround. The pleasure district's ubiquitous, beautiful, Geisha-like AI's. Wired. Watching. Servicing. Reporting.

The wasteland inhabitants that strive to carve out a niche in the barren madness outside the towering walls, The brave souls surviving in a land where bullets are barter. 
Sanjuro, the ronin of tomorrow's end, the sword wielding bushido reborn. Xam Dam Hicks, the messenger. The leather clad, outer rim's gas guzzling postal service badass, And the Copter Twins, Hicks cohorts and infamous engineers of flight and fortune.

The brutal wasteland bike gangs, the Violent Running Tribe. Where aggression and fear is the poetry of life. Where clowns, baseball, and a blood thirsty masked man named Dog
are the new deities.

And the ones that were lost along the way. The hunting and gathering youth that fear everything and know nothing. The feral children.

Post Apocalypse Dunny Series is blind packed and limited edition. Waking up in a wasteland February 28, each figure retails for $9.95 US (£7.90 UK, €9.20 EU) and available at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers worldwide.

To coincide with the release Huck will be going on a 5 city signing tour.

Kidrobot San Francisco- 3/1

Kidrobot Los Angeles- 3/2

Kidrobot Boulder- 3/3

Kidrobot Miami- 3/4

Kidrobot New York- 3/5

All signings are 6-8pm local time.

And for those of you that have been asking, yes, we will have AP sets available. We will be announcing those details at a later date.


- Huck & Crew


  • Nick: March 07, 2014

    hey Huck your so awesome your the best art designer i watched vids of people unboxing your post apocalypse series and it was so perfectly done!! i subed to you and btw YOUR SO AWESOME

  • Daniel BACHAR: March 07, 2013

    you sighed mine in los angeles.

  • huck: February 28, 2013

    I’ve been known to doodle on a Munny.

  • CAC: February 28, 2013


  • Chris: February 18, 2013

    Will Huck be doing doodles at the signing?

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