By Huck Gee


Post Apocalypse AP set raffle winner!

We tallied the entries, we picked a random winner and we will now be sending Paul Pino of Florida a full set of the Post Apocalypse Dunny Series APs. Congratulations Paul!

#postapocalypse Instagram Winners

Picking these winners was no easy task. Seriously, there were some amazing submissions and narrowing it down to just my 3 favorites was quite difficult. Each winner will receive a Skullhead hoodie and gift pack. Winners, email us here so we can get your mailing infos & send you over your winnings.
First, dougy_minty_fresh recreated the theatrical Akira poster using the Kaneda variant of Hicks and a toy replica (McFarlane?) of Kaneda's bike. My jaw dropped when I saw this. Nailed it. Well done, sir, well done.

Next up, camiondepompier submitted this beautiful photo of Sanjuro on a river bank. Quite a few people attempted outdoor scenery shots but for whatever reason, this shot just works for me. The sense of scale, the point of focus, the lighting, mood and colors... it's very simple in it's execution but I kept coming back to it, it works perfectly. Nicely done.


And finally, ronegenor submitted several entries but these 2 photoshopped apocalypse pieces put big ole smiles on my face. I haven't seen anyone else attempt an opened visor shot of the heavy troopers but it surprisingly works! Again, well done, well done.



Big thanks to everyone that entered the competition! It's been a blast seeing all the entries and I look forward to doing this again soon.


- Huck & crew


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