BattleTails Update - Day 10

By Huck Gee

10 days in and we are over our initial funding goal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We have currently raised over $54,000! And while we have indeed hit our goal we are now striving to push the support to the $100-200k mark. The more we raise, the more awesome we can put into this game! Now onto the update...

We streamlined all the tiers and as our first reward to our backers, we are now bundling the DJ Qbert and Huck in-game Heroes to anyone with a Silver Tier or above. W00t!

This week we unveilled our first sample of DJ Qbert's game soundtrack. Enjoy!

Battle Tails Teaser #2 - DJ QBert's "Labyrinth" from Jian Shen on Vimeo.


We also just unveiled the full 11"x17" map of Kinausu and made it available as an optional add-on item for $60 (including shipping). It is limited to 100 prints, only available to backers of the Kickstarter and signed and numbered by Huck. To add the map to your backer tier, simply raise your backer amount by $60 here. We will be sending out a survey at the end of the Kickstarter project to tally your extras and add-ons. Click the image below to see the map in it's full glory.


We also posted a ton of early (and dirty) character concept sketches in today's Kickstarter update. We've posted Huck (version ARRRRR!) in the newsletter below and you can check out all the others over here. And be sure to vote for your favorite version of DJ Qbert in the comments.

And if you haven't backed us yet, please click thru and check out our Kickstarter project for all of the game details, rewards, freebies and more ways you can be a part of Battle Tails History. We'll be releasing more details, new rewards and additional prizes for backers over the next few weeks.  Please like us on Facebook to get the updates! Help me bring this world to life.

BTW, you are awesome. Again, thank you for your support.

Huck & Crew

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