#theskullheads Instagram winners!

By Huck Gee

So many great entries. Narrowing the list of winners down to 1 Grand Prize Winner (signed Post Apocalypse Dunny set) and 3 Runners-up (Skullhead hoodies) was not easy. With that being said, I am adding 3 Honorable Mentions to the list (t-shirt & decal gift packs). Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone that entered! It's been a blast.

Winners, please email sales@huckgee.com with your name and shipping infos and we'll send you out your prizes ASAP.

Grand Prize

From the first time I viewed it, I knew this submission by chatchawan1985 was going to be a top contender. It's gritty, beautiful, unique, and it nails that wasteland warrior vibe. Wonderful work.

Runners-up Winners

I love this scene by bigtoypoo. I can tell he put a great amount of effort into setting up, shooting and editing this shot. It has depth and character. Very nicely done.

Next up, this sketchbook submission from thegreyninja rules. I would totally add this hulking brute to the Skullheads gang. Love it!

And the final runner-up (and hoodie winner) is dougy_minty_fresh. It might be a little rough around the edges but the concept nails that ridiculous bosozoku style. Also, skulls. ;)

Honorable Mentions

First up in the honorable mentions, mriverakc, with this Skullheads mechanic. Of course the crew needs a mechanic and this nicely detailed creation would be a great addition. And the bolts for ear plugs was a creative touch. A solid amount of work put into this. Nice work Michael!

Next up, ictoys, with this awesome little shot. Great sense of depth and editing.

And finally, I love this shot from mindofthemasons. Simple but creative. Nicely done.

Again, thank you everyone that entered. So many great submissions. We'll have to do this again. Soon. Maybe when the next Skullheads gang member get's unveiled. ;)

Thank you!



  • P.S. Can’t wait to pick up your new work tomorrow!

    Dougy Fresh on

  • Thank So Much! It was basically a “rough sketch” I only had about 2 or less hours to work on it. When (if) I get the time, I wanna smooth it out and add more detail. and maybe make an actual bike. I had the Labbit laying around and just thought ::PERFECT:: and really roughed that one out, seeing it was just an accessory.

    Dougy Fresh on

  • WOOHOO! Honorable Mention! Awesome submissions during this contest, had a lot of fun whipping up some ideas. One of which is that off-road board…going to be making more of those for some of my vinyl customs!

    Thanks Huck and keep rockin it man, love your work!

    Joshua Mason on

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