New Gold Life prints, Peng Peng & Skullheads

By Huck Gee

New Gold Life Prints

With a new batch of Gold Life figures comes a new set of prints (and perhaps a little surprise): Peng Peng, The Golden Claw and.... the return of Ornery Panda!

You can't say I never listen to you.

These adorable little prints are in store now, ready to ship. Limited edition run of 60 prints, only $20 each, signed & numbered, printed on 7" x 7" archival quality watercolor paper. Deadly, yet cute and affordable, ready to be framed. Available now at

Peng Peng the Clockwork Assassin Now Available

One day, while testing his theory on mechanical consciousness and his pursuit of the voltaic soul, Master Finley Earl Fintelheimer (AKA The Handsome Engineer, AKA the Head of Finearl Industries, AKA that batshit crazy clockwork scientist that lives alone up on the hill), accidentally imbued his automaton bodyguard and faithful companion, Peng Peng, with self awareness and an insistent sense of curiosity. After several months questioning everything in her proximity, she tired of the Master and went out for a walk.

She never returned.

Peng Peng the Clockwork Assassin is now available at

And some extra 4" Skullhead Blanks

We've shipped almost all the original batch of 4" Blanks and we appear to have miscounted production. At the time of this writing we have an extra dozen 4" Skullhead Blanks up in our store. Go get em!

Thanks for your time!


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