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Squad 33

Posted on December 14 2016

Squad 33

While the lumbering tin cans dominated the major battlefields across Dapland there were plenty critter brigades throwing themselves against one another in trenches and towns across the rest of the continent. Seeing how effective the Can Opener armored suits were against the Untz forces, it didn't take long for someone at H.M.A.D. to adapt them for infantry use. There were plenty variations built, and several noteworthy units, but the most legendary has got to be Squad 33.

Led by the most probably unhinged Hawkfin Brushwood, their reputation was as an effective tool as any weapon they handled. Painting their armors black, wielding huge melee weapons and adorning themselves with skull insignia, these modern day diesel powered knights embraced their imposing reputation. There's a famous quote from General Macadiilly when asked why Squad 33 was thought to be so effective, "Because sometimes you just need an armored motherfucker wielding two giant axes to fix the problem... "

Squad 33 is a Limited Edition set of 10, stands 7" tall,  and is signed and numbered. $950 + S&H. Payment due at time of ordering. Available now.

Extra Le Mystique

I have an extra Le Mystique if anyone is interested. One of my regular buyers has gone MIA, so it's available if anyone still needs to add one to their collection. Email sales@huckgee.com and it's yours.

Chrome Blanks and Le Mystique

Speaking of... when are the Chrome Blanks and Le Mystique shipping? If everything goes according to plan, Le Mystique will be ready to ship on Friday. The Chrome Blanks will be next week, they need additional drying time. I'm doing everything I can to get these out before Xmas.

Thanks, Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays!


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