The Blank Show recap & the State of the Business

By Huck Gee

The Blank Show recap

The Blank Show...  where do I start? How about this amazing quote I found on Instagram that sums up what I heard many, many times from attendees, fans and collectors alike:

"Seeing the full reveals this morning excites me, this show has single handedly revived my interest in the scene. The level of work and craftsmanship in this show I believe has never been reached before by anyone, Huck you and all involved have done an incredible job, stunning work by each and every artist. You've pulled together literally some of the best custom toys of all time in my opinion ...thanks for inspiring me..."

And that sums up a lot of my own feelings. It was a truly inspiring show. The artists involved delivered outstanding pieces of top notch craftsmanship and design. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone that delivered. You inspired the community and we raised the bar. Not only did we have collectors fighting over pieces but you inspired others. And perhaps that's more important. Let's shake shit up.

And thank you for inspiring me.

Plus a very special thanks to the fine folks at Clutter for hosting the show. Josh and Maz: professional and smart with their hearts firmly in the right place. So much hustle. What a team. Thank you.

So, who's looking forward to "The Blank Show 2"? :)

And here's my piece that I wrapped up with only hours to spare: Jerk Face

That being said, there are still a few outstanding pieces available at Clutter Gallery. In fact, there's a couple still available that I'd love to add to my own collection. #tempted

The state of the business

To say the past 24 months have been a turbulent time for me and my business would be a vast understatement. It's been a struggle. I'll admit, I made some wrong choices, I pursued some opportunities that didn't pay off, I dug a giant production and financial hole. Not all my fault, life threw some unexpected curve balls, it's been nuts. But this is business. There are highs and there are lows. You can't foresee everything but you better be prepared for the worst. And you know what... today I can safely announce that it's turning around. Not only for me personally but I see great things ahead for our community.

As of this week, I have two new awesome assistants on board and we are churning out projects that have been behind schedule. One of them is being packed up for shipment today, the other project will ship next week. It's still going to be a couple of months to get completely caught up on everything but the rent is paid and we are charging ahead full steam.

I have great stuff on the horizon. I will be restocking 7" Blanks very soon, unveiling the 4" version, and I have plans for some very fun variations to follow. And there are still a handful of the 15" Mean Green Skullhead Blanks left. Head on over to to get yours today.

In addition, I have two wonderful new additions to the Dapper Little Scoundrels world in the works... who is the mysterious leader behind Lapin Noir? Who hides beneath that cowl? And what kind of bike is that?

And my gold Life collaboration with Mighty Jaxx is right around the corner. Just 8 more weeks to the official unveil at Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention. I'm so excited. I can't wait for everyone to see these. I can't wait to get them on my own shelf.

So, stay tuned, thank you for your patience and support and be prepared for more awesome!

15 inches or 15 feet tall?


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