What's in Store & What's Next...

By Huck Gee

What's in store?

We just received the last cases of the Shadow variant Rakus. This is the the last of them. There won't be any more produced after these are gone... And do you know what else is awesome about these? They make amazing stocking stuffers. ;)

In addition, I've only got a handful of the 7" Skullhead Blanks left. This is the last batch of these until probably February or later. If you want one for yourself or another, you should probably order it ASAP.

And since I skipped on all the Black Friday hullabaloo, I just put some t-shirts & prints on sale 25-35% off.

What's next? 

Next year brings lots of Gold Life goodness. The figures pre-ordered thru Mighty Jaxx are in final production phases now and should begin shipping in January. The rest of the 4" series is now being designed and in various stages of pre-production (below is a tease of one of my newest favorites: Peng Peng the Clockwork Assassin), Next year, we will also be introducing a 7" line of vinyls and some larger, more elaborate, 4" designs are in the early planning stages. Next year means big things for Gold Life.

For fans of my Dapper Little Scoundrel designs, I will be releasing a new finished set at the end of next week. A variant of the awesome Can Opener figure... I call these bastards, Squad 33. They will be completed and available to ship at time of order so you can purchase as a gift for a loved one (who am I kidding, I know who you're buying it for!). These will be one of my larger, limited production pieces, with the price point to match. Festive little chap, isn't he...?

And then there's The Bike... I've been working on this for almost a year now. I'm shooting for a pre-release before end of year. It's big, it's fuckin bad ass. My most elaborate and complex piece to date. I can't wait to show you more...

Now, The Collection. I actually ran into a lot of people at DesignerCon that gave me some great feedback about the podcast. It was really nice to hear that quite a few people enjoy what we are doing. But what do I do next? Is it worth doing another year, podcasting the ins and outs of the Designer Toy world? I guess we'll find out next Wednesday when the final episode airs! :)

And finally, there will be more Blanks! I've got some dope variations in the early planning stages and might finally get around to releasing Cheeky Monkey too. Lot's still to come. Anyone interested in a 15" Chrome one? :)

I think that's more than enough spam for now. I wish you all a happy and safe holidays!



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