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The Collection

The Collection is a joint venture between Huck Gee and Mark Brickey for the Adventures in Design podcast. We talk about the world of collectable designer toys from collectors to designers and everything in between. We release a new episode the first Wednesday of every month. The first half of each episode is free and can be listened to by clicking any of the covers below (listed in reverse chronological order).

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The Collection Volume XVII: Listen Here

Episode 573 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 17: Josh Kimberg

Josh Kimberg joins The Collection with Huck Gee and Mark Brickey to talk about the many hats he wears in the world of designer toys. From a Managing Partner at Clutter Magazine, to organizing Five Points Festival, all the way to running the Designer Toy Awards can keep his schedule more full than a house of Tanners. His unique perspective and heavy involvement in the designer toy world makes him an important pillar for The Collection and highlights the passion it takes to succeed when you follow your dreams. Huck and Mark get some insight into Kaiju, the vinyl world in New York City, and navigating through the murky waters of a difficult break up. If you don't know what Sofubi is, how dredge taxes kill profitability, or the odds of winning against yourself instead of thousands then this part of The Collection will teach you all that you need to know.

Talking Points

  • Understanding the lo-fi music of the designer toy world. 
  • Are murals graffiti and is graffiti a mural?
  • A Skull Fucker bigger than a Shogun Warrior. 
  • The Collection gets an exclusive Gold Life scoop, Dapper Little Scoundrels, and glow in the dark giant jellybeans. 
  • Where did all the tentacles come from?
  • Behind the scenes of the Designer Toy Awards and how the winners are chosen. 
  • The thankless role of a steward to kick the tires and define the scene. 
  • An Inside Man brings the gravitas. 
  • 5 Points Festival creates a home that can elevate the scene and celebrate in New York City. 
  • The slow second coming, dredge taxes that kill taxes, and getting a garage secured. 
  • Content creators in the early days of the internet and beyond. 
  • Transitioning is weird and painful addiction to overcome. 
  • Just beat yourself instead of thousands of people. 
  • Finding your drive again. 
  • The Walmart-ing of the web, overcoming the grid, and the death of Flash. 
  • A Generalist Nerd makes a disclaimer before his dive. 
  • The origins and current categories of Kaiju. 
  • What is Sofubi?
  • Huck debates about bringing soft vinyl into his fun factory. 
  • A time and a place for every style. 
  • So terrible it becomes amazing... like The Room of toys. 
  • Indisputable materials over concept. 
  • Bullseye Art, Mini Disco, and earliest days of Kid Robot. 

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    The Collection Volume XVI: Listen Here

    Episode 558 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 16: Roy Miles

    The Collection continues to expand with Roy Miles and his whole Hoodfoot Family. With a childhood rooted in broken Millennium Falcons, Hanna Barbera colorways, and the birth of hip hop happening right outside his front door, Miles had a completely unique viewpoint within the designer toy community. However, being ahead of your time has its drawbacks and after difficulty upon difficulty, Roy pivoted over to animation and film to get his ideas out. There is no stopping a passionate creative once they set their mind to it and this part of The Collection truly highlights that fact. Huck has been busy as well with Dapper Little Scoundrels and every other project coming through his Fun Factory which expands his skill set tenfold. 

    Talking Points

  • Being around when it all become a genre and finishing before it even caught on. 
  • Analyzing the market to make what doesn't exist but still feels familiar. 
  • Darby The Fixer comes together perfectly. 
  • The evolution from Gold Life to Dapper Little Scoundrels and working from your roots. 
  • A completely different visual aesthetic. 
  • Building three mini-verses, developing multiple styles, and continually learning.  
  • Tapping into the color palette of the Seventies. 
  • Characters that appear out of nowhere, Tumbleweaves, and abandoned baby strollers. 
  • Bringing your characters to life even if you don't know how to do it. 
  • The best bits of a few people you know. 
  • Hallmarks of storytelling and running down new scenarios in your backyard. 
  • But... what cartoon is that from?
  • Designing for kids instead of designers. 
  • Goals. Characters. Turmoil. High stakes. 
  • Making an experience and not a cool guy trophy. 
  • Extreme Ghostbusters and how aggressive clown culture ruined pop culture. 
  • When music was music for life off the radar. 
  • Hiding music from your parents. 
  • Urban vinyl toys and wrapping your head around an all new aesthetic. 
  • Hitting up various 7-11s for Sprite Figures and getting Type 2 Diabetes for the love of collecting. 
  • Forensic research over in China back in the day. 
  • Making the Biddies and who they are modeled after in real life. 
  • Sexy details only you know about. 
  • Making videos for Green Day, Talib Kweli, and getting fired for calling Bobby Brown out on his cocaine usage. 
  • Will anyone sell hip hop toys?
  • The genesis of the toy industry and already being an outsider because of your background and having the scene walk away from you. 
  • From Toy Story to Biddies. 
  • Opportunities, blowing smoke up your ass, and trying to balance your home life. 
  • Working on animation in documentaries with some old guys from Berkeley. 
  • A Hoodfoot adult-sequel Chuck E. Cheese and being for the kids all while keeping it real. 
  • Being lost and finding yourself in the process. 
  •  Getting better at being hands on one added detail at a time. 
  • New tools, new possibilities, with all new perfectly branded ideas. 
  • The tipping point on social media in the designer toy world. 
  • Not a mid life crisis... a life crisis!
  • Huck's DIY Fun Factory that needs a documentary done about it. 
  • Selling directly to the people and cutting out the middle man. 
  • Huck is out of the frying pan, but is he in the fire too?

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    The Collection Volume XV: Listen Here

    Episode 538 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 15: Jesse Hernandez

    Jesse Hernandez brings his urban aztec style to The Collection with Huck Gee and Mark Brickey. Jesse lets us inside his multi-faceted history touching on his involvement on everything from Run The Jewels, his own TV show called Vinyl Addiction, and the fingerprint he left on Farmville. With a career that varied Jesse has still managed to carve out a signature style that brings him clients like Rockstar and Gears Of War. Creativity is limitless with a couple late nights and a work ethic thats hard to match from a talented artists and father of four. Huck Gee unveils his process in developing the world his Dapper Little Scoundrels race through and pulls back the curtain on his work at the fun factory he has pieced together. Two masters at their craft open up and remind us all that their raw abilities are just the start of a long journey to produce truly memorable work.

    Talking Points

    • A Robotech kick off with overdubbed storylines and the return of Voltron.
    • Rolling the dice with the Re:Blank and some variations to follow.
    • Birthdays, 5 Points Festivals, and Designer Toy Awards.
    • Fine tuning the roduction process and using Legos as a quick fix.
    • Parking your car in the urban Aztec space.
    • The feathered serpent that led Jesse to his signature space.
    • Making the artwork inside the artwork to keep it interesting from every angle.
    • Complexity balanced with contrast.
    • Drawing inspiration from pinstriping.
    • Fills with no lines to be your own Dunny.
    • Scale and process in Jesse's work and a mural tip from Tristan Eaton.
    • Using the form as a jumping off point for your art in environmental design.
    • Outworking the knock offs and doing it the hard way.
    • Putting in the work, discovering your style, and some real talk.
    • The Real Immigrants hiding behind Alt Right terminology.
    • Americas number one export and keeping things mixed up.
    • Jesse's three tones and discovering his color theory. 
    • Client work you can't put your fingerprint on and landing Run The Jewels.
    • Jaguar Skulls, Ozomatli, and Jesse's future in toy design.
    • Why do so many deals fall apart in the toy industry?
    • Keeping it authentic when making culturally sensitive artwork.
    • Family life and balancing a career around it.
    • Hosting Vinyl Addiction, interviewing big names in the game, and making the most of an opportunity while it lasts.
    • Making time for your own stuff amidst client work.
    • Farmville, Blindspot, and flexing outside of your style.
    • Coping with the entertainment bug and putting the cart in front of the horse.
    • Perfectionism and an outsiders perspective of a project.
    • From a draftsman to an illustrator and learning through the process.
    • Going beyond the first step to make a booth you don't take home.
    • Waiting two years to develop the capabilities to make something intricate.
    • Streamlining your dream to make it affordable.
    • Research, variations, and the execution.
    • The schematics of producing dapper little scoundrels.
    • Balancing imagination and practicality.
    • Dreaming in pencil and blueprints in Illustrator.
    • Individualizing a series while staying smart about the form factor.
    • Picking Flynn and the level of anthropomorphic characteristics Huck incorporates.
    • Google image search and collecting inspiration in a folder.
    • Character proportions, 1:1 scale, and Outside The Artboards.
    • Flat paper dolls 3D modeling to resin sculpts.
    • Chassis, engine blocks, and giant wheels that all have to work. 
    • Hidden surprises and happy accidents.
    • The strategy behind intricacy at home and mass production elsewhere.
    • Grounding your characters in reality form the beginning.
    • The cautionary tale of Superman and siding with suits or stoners.


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    The Collection Volume XIV: Listen Here

    Episode 523 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 14: MAD Toy Design

    Huck Gee and Mark Brickey invite Jeremy Madl of Mad Toy Design to The Collection this month and he has a lot to offer. Jeremy has a degree in toy design and has spent almost two decades inside the industry learning every aspect of development from research to production. We've had a lot of talented designers on The Collection, but Jeremy is the first to use terms like "play patterns" so it's obvious he knows his stuff inside and out. Jeremy has worked with every name in the business, made his own successful toy company, and helped huge properties like Halo and Minecraft. Which conventions does he see as valuable? How does he view his own line of toys? How does he avoid getting burned by clients of all sizes? This episode lets you inside the mind of a modern renaissance man who has built a successful empire from a home base miles away from any major market he deals with regularly. Jeremy Madl brings his unbridled passion to The Collection and shares exactly how he has made things work.

    Talking Points

    • Finishing up the smallest motorcycle for pre-order.
    • Determining edition sizes.
    • Bringing out the ultimate potential in a toy.
    • The process of pricing.
    • Planning out each step of your storyline in a larger than life universe.
    • Dreaming past the current state of technology and reconfiguring your workflow to follow new production capabilities.
    • The broach to end all broaches.
    • Getting mad at Madl.
    • Unreadable Hong Kong toys as a gateway into vinyl.
    • Building cultural collateral and the importance of patience.
    • Strategically developing your first toy to allow for variation and customization.
    • Exploring medium and scale  as you hone in on the definition of "model."
    • Doing your research, developing a pitch, and taking a risk.
    • Getting more work from your toys than from selling them.
    • How the side hustle moves the day job forward.
    • Adding skills that increase your value at the board room table.
    • The Diner Menu or the Niche Food Truck.
    • Who are you dealing with and what is their budget.
    • The greatest hits of getting ripped off.
    • Licensing your own own IP to develop your brand with people you trust.
    • Avoiding getting Funko-fucked if you're beat to market.
    • The Toy Fair in New York City.
    • What is the best designer toy convention to attend?
    • Researching where you want to be in the industry.
    • Rolling the dice, collecting a paycheck, and the motivation behind each choice.
    • Living off the grid while working in the modern world.
    • Learning more about your career form your kids.
    • Cultivating free thinking, personal style, and following your passion.
    • Raising the next generation of makers.
    • Future plans based off the greatest invention ever made: royalties.
    • Staying resourceful and making a living off your gifts.


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    The Collection Volume XIII: Listen Here

    Episode 507 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 13: J*RYU

    The Collection returns for another year on the Adventures In Design airwaves and Huck and Mark bring J Ryu on as their first guest. J Ryu has a beautiful and delicate ornamentation found across his work that places his work in another time. Between his sense of style and rich pop culture knowledge he adds a whole new layer to The Collection we have yet to hear from a designer. Meanwhile Huck has been hard at work as he adds another production technique to his at home arsenal of toy making gadgetry. This DIY approach offers some cost cutting and time saving tactics Huck employs, but there is still some research to be done and we get to hear some of the results straight form the mad scientist himself.

    Talking Points

    • The many names of J Ryu.
    • Rotocasting vs. Slush Casting
    • Balancing the time to dry, the amount to use, and balls that throw off your center of gravity.
    • DIY home production techniques.
    • All hands on deck for Huck and the double edged sword of purchasing equipment.
    • The long long road of the F.A.D. Dunny.
    • Making chic trash.
    • The leadership and decision making process behind a maturing company.
    • J Ryu's ornamentation as storytelling elements.
    • Growing up as an Asian Gothic Redneck in North Carolina.
    • Shanghai Comic Con Customers and Eastern Culture.
    • Uncovering the path to make toys and searching for that career rave.
    • Chasing real creative ideas when you walk away from agency work.
    • The proper ways to behave when you meet a celebrity.
    • Optimus Prime, Battle Of The Planets, and Voltron.
    • Putting together your fragmented childhood memories to find Space Giants.
    • The first generation of kids who grew up and chased down their dreams.
    • Pro Pomeranians, Pro Wrestlers, and Con Kids.
    • Testing the science behind 3D Resin materials over time.
    • How cost effective is it to have a 3D Printer and how does it change your production techniques?
    • Can we get 3D Printing on demand yet?
    • Storytelling with Squad 33 and developing the online archive of Huck Gee.
    • Facebook as an advertising tool and Facebook as a social media outlet.
    • Boiling the internet down to four channels.
    • Getting the invite to The Smiths party.
    • Are you adding to the conversation or just muddying the waters?
    • Properly pushing the products you make and staying prolific.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

    The Collection Volume XII: Listen Here 

    Episode 498 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 12: Camilla d'Errico and Alex Solis

    The Collection returns for its possibly final installment with a live performance from Designer Con with Camilla d'Errico and Alex Solis. The life of a creative can take a lot of unexpected twists and turns and this episode focuses in on the optimism and hard work it takes to break through to the other side. When do you start to find your own style? Will I no longer have to live by spreadsheets once I'm successful? How do I kick myself into gear to get things done? The Collection answers all this and more as Mark Brickey and Huck Gee delve deeper into the world of business that surrounds art before and after the live Designer Con portion of the show.

    Talking Points

    •  The 8th Tube of Christmas gets opened up and shipped for free domestically with a chance to win the Day and Night versions of Raku.
    • Sex talk on The Collection and hard Camaro disses.
    • Drowning in the big projects.
    • Pricing a forty part toy bike and blindly following your passion.
    • The tipping point in production when you work in house.
    • Why should you get out of your bubble and into a convention?
    • Trying to control the chaos while taking stock of your time.
    • Bringing in pop culture to bring in an audience.
    • The process behind creating a series and making each piece have some sort of meaning.
    • Losing over 10,000 followers because of your subject matter.
    • Does the final product dictate the initial sketches?
    • Planning for complexity, price point, and structural engineering.
    • When did your work start to look like your work?
    • The 10,000 hours to develop your style.
    • Finding your heroes and making what you love your own.
    • Persistence in the only patch to take.
    • Jumping in feet first and figuring it out as you go along.
    • Balancing what you want against what your audience wants against what galleries tell you will sell.
    • Refining your vision and staying optimistic with no end in sight.
    • Staying invigorated by pushing into new territories.
    • The difficulty behind breaking out of your own shell and showing people your work no matter how weird it is.
    • How do you kick yourself into gear to get something done.
    • Mark gets his bubble burst.
    • Huck's goals for 2017 and leaving San Francisco.
    • The current workflow from pencil to plastic and the back and forth of finding the form.
    • The many hats you don't think you'll have to wear as a sole proprietor.
    • Spreadsheets over sketchbooks.
    • Accounting for flexibility in your business plan and figuring out what is within your control.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design


    The Collection Volume XI: Listen Here 

    Episode 488 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 11: Brooke Wheeler

    The Collection explores the company behind the revolution in the marketplace and the world they help build. Brooke Wheeler from Reynolds Advanced Materials joins Huck Gee and Mark Brickey to bring to light the products most makers use on a daily basis to create their empires. From his own past in the creative field to his day to day of working with creatives that use the products he sells, Brooke brings a deep knowledge of what can be done on both large and small scales. Huck and Mark go on to unveil their plans for Designer Con, break down their busy month, and how the upcoming economic changes will affect the designer toy industry that just regained its footing.

    Talking Points

    • The MVP that 80-90% of the industry uses to claim their independence.
    • Finding the ultimate Sky Mall Catalog for your industry.
    • Starting in set decorations and themed environments to moving onto the other side of the bucket.
    • What happens when big business shatters into smaller segments?
    • Give away the education and reconfigure your marketing dollars towards what people actually want.
    • Consumer friendly products from the kitchen table user to a professional maker.
    • Making a product your customer can grow with.
    • Life of a digital salesman.
    • Emulating textures and familiarizing yourself with your suppliers products.
    • Relying on the end user to find the next product needed.
    • Is 3D Printing an ally or an enemy to Reynolds AM.
    • The benefit of working with hundreds of creatives and gleaning their ideas.
    • Mark's 1:1 scale dream project.
    • Will The Collection continue?
    • Procrastinating, managing your calendar, and staying three steps ahead.
    • What does Huck have planned for DCon?
    • Bouncing ideas off your friends when you get dealt a serious setback or three.
    • Half ass jobs and admitting defeat.
    • Le Mystique emerges.
    • Small runs that spread across the globe to both old and new faces.
    • Calculating hourly rates and determining your price point.
    • Timed releases, run sizes, and protecting your legacy.
    • Two points on what is to come from He Who Shall Not Be Named and his plans.
    • Approaching your best earning years in an odd economic time.
    • DIY 3D Printing and getting too technical for sculpting.
    • Walking back on your own footsteps.
    • The Three Horsemen of End Times and closing the portal.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design 

    The Collection Volume X: Listen Here 

    Episode 469 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 10: 2PetalRose

    After catching the eye of Clutter and just about everyone at The Blank Show, 2PetalRose joins Huck Gee and Mark Brickey for the next installment of The Collection. Now Huck and Liam have collaborated to make a very limited release of the Ronin Skullhead Rebel and share what two artists working together can accomplish. Each designer brings quality and craftsmanship to the table and get into everything from 3D printed steel swords to their own kanji interpretations. As 2PetalRose rises in the world of resin he is struggling to balance his off time with his growing group of collectors. Huck also touches on his recent release of Gold Life and helps Mark plan for Designer Con as it looms closer. The Collection continues to expand as we hear from a new talent form the recently expanded world of resin in the designer toy world.

    Talking Points

    • Releasing Gold Life, getting back in the game, and Huck's big month.
    • Growing relationships that greenlight more projects.
    • Broaches, Blanks, or Blouses.
    • How scale justifies smaller price points.
    • Not abusing Completionists.
    • Overcoming Super Asian Nerd Flu with your team.
    • Going up against booth hours at DCon.
    • Mark's stab at standup and the importance of a band behind you.
    • Actionable advice or pie in the sky Pinterest quotes.
    • Eleven rounds of elegance.
    • Nominations, break out pieces, and competing in a very active marketplace.
    • Giving art time to breathe to gauge its full impact.
    • Loving what you're doing and hating what you've done.
    • Sugar Ray-ing your career.
    • How size runs affect quality and obsessing over every detail form head to literal toe.
    • 3D printed steel swords and elevating showcase pieces.
    • Huck commits a cardinal sin!
    • Branding yourself and drifting off into brain on a stick world.
    • The little extras in the samurai culture.
    • Throwing tradition out the window and messing up kanjis for aesthetic's sake.
    • Judging safe amounts of distance and hunting down Cute Little Nazis.
    • How do nominations affect your career?
    • Resin as the new vinyl that will break the mold of the corporate led designer toy world.
    • Jumping into different creative outlets and changing your identity.
    • The pressure of going full time.
    • Online love and in person purchasing at the fuck you pay me pricing.
    • Making a custom jail cell.
    • The trials that make you better at business and downsides to the highest highs.
    • Finding your value in the marketplace.
    • Bettering your OCD form 10pm to 1pm.
    • Getting your life down to a science to be the best creative you can be.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

    The Collection Volume IX: Listen Here 

    Episode 450 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 9: John Wee Tom

    After covering the viewpoint of the artist and the vendor, Huck Gee and Mark Brickey take on the final and quite possibly most complex component in the designer toy world, The Collector. Hailing from all different cultures and backgrounds, the common bond of collectors is their passion for vinyl and the worlds created around them. In the ninth installment of The Collection, Mark and Huck sit down with John Wee Tom, who has been involved with collecting, commissioning, and even exhibiting designer toys by helping bring This Is Not A Toy to life in Toronto. Through this interview we learn about the passion behind collecting and the inner workings of what sparks interest in the mind of an articulate and cultured person who grasps the importance of art and its accessibility to the people. John Wee Tom brings a voice to the most vital aspect of the entire designer toy industry and sheds some light on the drive to buy, sell, and research a corner of the art world that is still in its infancy.

    Talking Points

    • Living your dream doesn't always mean fortune and fame.
    • The role of the collector in the designer toy world.
    • Email etiquette and getting back to school.
    • Plotting out DCon extras.
    • Designing with purpose and nesting meaning into your work.
    • Books and blanks are on the way.
    • Production decisions with Two Petal Rose.
    • The pros and cons of collaborating and where the true value in the project is.
    • Car Talk with Mark and Huck.
    • The importance of supporting your audience.
    • The Magic Pony, I Am Plastic, and the AT-AT that started it all.
    • Commissioning Hick and the genesis of This Is Not A Toy.
    • Bringing attention to a struggling institution.
    • Having fun with art, design, and commerce.
    • Discovering mysteries in life and hoping to always uncover more.
    • Engaging your audience in an approachable and inspirational manner.
    • Missing the vision of a culture.
    • What is keeping the designer toy world form being recognized in the art community?
    • Keeping art affordable and pricing homes.
    • A peek into the real world of a collector.
    • The creatives worst enemy.
    • The $200,000 Project is unveiled.
    • Google: Jizai Okimono
    • What makes a collector want to buy a piece.
    • The rush in curating and budgeting for collecting.
    • Understanding the consumer.
    • The Kidrobot Toy World and other options for sustainability.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

     The Collection Volume VIII: Listen Here

    Episode 415 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 8: Rotofugi

    After sending out a heartfelt letter to their dedicated fans and collectors, Kirby Kerr of famed Chicago toy store and gallery, Rotofugi, becomes the next addition to The Collection with Huck Gee. Mark Brickey and Huck Gee start out this months installment discussing the responsibility and pride associated with being an independent business owner and if its better to keep up a appearances or be transparent with your customers about any issues happening behind the scenes. Kirby brings a unique perspective of the toy store's place in the market of the toy world and how to adapt to a changing marketplace where consumers can buy directly from artists. How important are these centers of culture in bringing in new people to the community, exposing collector's to up and coming artists, and involving the community at large to the creative world they exist in? One thing is for sure, the old model isn't working, and while Kirby has a growing sense of optimism for Rotofugi, what is in store for this cultural landmark located in the heart of America? No matter what market you appeal to, these problems of adaptation and distribution of resources is what every entrepreneur will face art some point in their career and this interview will shed light on dealing with that.

    Talking Points

    • Asking for help or letting down your audience.
    • The difference between an honest life or living a lie.
    • The three reasons The Blank Show was the best gallery exhibit Mark has seen in a long time.
    • Huck's takeaway from The Blank Show and all the inspiration from his peers.
    • A new Vannen x Huck Gee watch is announced.
    • Turning a part of your process into a product.
    • Using social media to show as much as you feel comfortable showing.
    • Fire up your troops to keep a good thing going.
    • The slow ride in a shrinking market.
    • Is uncertainty tightening up America's pocketbook?
    • Designer toys = comfort
    • Finding your place in an ever changing market.
    • Finding the right retail space and accounting for all your bills.
    • Did the open letter appeal to Rotofugi's audience work?
    • Expanding your footprint in the community by inviting them in.
    • Rebuilding the community of collectors.
    • Should a retail space get involved with manufacturing?
    • Rediscovering the flow of distribution that keeps the triangle synergistic.
    • Is there space for a retailer on the road.
    • Keeping the doors you have open and finding new ones.
    • Passive communication with your audience as a retailer instead of an artist.
    • Is credit a smart play if its the only play to make?
    • How far is too far for your commute to be in the right place?
    • Finding the excitement in your industry!
    • Decomposing organic designer toys and creating a consumable product customers need to buy again and again.
    • The latest era of young designers who don't have a pre-built audience.
    • Involving new markets that have similar interests.
    • Building a strong foundation and the benefit of a strong local market.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design


    The Collection Volume VII: Listen Here

    Episode 415 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 7: Sket One

    The Collection returns with special guest, Sket One, whose varied career has pushed him to become a financially grounded and creatively unstoppable artist. Starting in graffiti and expanding into designing the Orange Bowl Sket One stays involved in every avenue of creativity he can to keep opening new doors and challenging the boundaries of every medium he works with. Huck Gee brings some insight into Beijing and how he set up his latest gallery show with Clutter Magazine. This part of The Collection explores how an artist interacts with their customers and the freedom (and hard work) waiting for anyone who wants to be in complete control of their career. Mark, Huck, and Sket One bring together their collective thirty plus years of experience in every aspect of the designer toy world to set the standard for how an artist can succeed in their own path.

    Talking Points

    • Huck is back from Beijing with stories to tell.
    • Bringing in help to get more done and get out of the panic cycle.
    • The Huck Gee x Clutter show (now with authentic Huck sound bites).
    • The responsibility of balancing old and new artists in a shows lineup.
    • Playing nice with your customer's money and remembering the final display.
    • Mark refuses to get strong armed and serves up a thick slice of honesty.
    • Who really gets hurt with pre orders and timed releases.
    • How a retailer fits into today's marketplace.
    • The "New Masters Voting Council" grows.
    • Starting your own clothing company as an entry point.
    • Surprise! Sket One does college football design work.
    • Keeping your projects diverse and seeing behind the smoke and mirrors of self employment.
    • The biggest lesson of all from the last chapter of skateboarding.
    • Production Power shifts from the introduction of the internet.
    • Putting in the effort instead of staring at the internet.
    • Confidence and working past other's opinions.
    • Investing in your next project and getting immediate feedback.
    • The anonymity of design in everyday products.
    • Seeing the designer toy world as a supermarket.
    • The Heinz Dunny and the Sriracha Dunny and each brands reaction to free promotional work.
    • Content creation for desperate larger brands.
    • The new Kid Robot and feeding Tchotchke Nation.
    • Eliciting your audiences response through implied narratives.
    • Planning out your price point after you do everything form A to Z.
    • Living a life thats dead inside or following your dream.
    • The validation in your first sale and the agony of release day.
    • Ignoring the labels.
    • Are you getting used or getting a big break?
    • Becoming as independent as possible and diversifying your offerings.
    • Applying branding knowledge to character design.
    • What was up with Sket Bots?
    • Should you compromise to gain exposure or stick to your guns?


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

    The Collection Volume VI: Listen Here

    Episode 396 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 6: Ben Goretsky

    The Collection is back with the promoter of Designer Con and owner of, Ben Goretsky.

    Ben comes to the designer toy world with the unique perspective of a business man and, more importantly, a fan of the industry. By using his love of collectibles, Ben saw a hole in the marketplace and developed Designer Con in Pasadena to help retailers and makers showcase their products to the fans. As the success of the event grows, Ben has to decide how to manage the influx of money and interest and still keep his event true to its original intent. Huck opens the show with his quest to find an assistant and where the delicate art of Wabi Sabi begins and ends as a perfectionist. Join you host Mark Brickey and we add another piece to The Collection.

    Talking Points

    • Why would Huck pass up a free trip to Bejing?
    • The hardships of finding the right assistant.
    • The different mindset of the entrepreneur.
    • The trouble spot of handling everything by yourself.
    • Wabi Sabi.
    • News on the JPK collab with huck.
    • Huck enters the broach game with his IP made by someone else.
    • Creating the custom bear body for the Luke Chueh show.
    • Gold Life update.
    • Leaving a thumbprint of skill versus a thumbprint of laziness.
    • Booth strategies for walking Designer Con.
    • When and where does promotion start for a convention.
    • Planning the growth of an event on your own terms.
    • Figuring out a new space and getting your name on the Jerk Off List (industry term).
    • The return of artist signings to Designer Con.
    • Why crowds kill artist panels.
    • The draw of accessible exclusives.
    • Tapping into your consumer mind to create what you want to buy.
    • The genesis and rise of
    • Promoting your store and filling a hole in the market you already work in.
    • Why you would open a toy store in the middle of its recession.
    • Avoiding rent.
    • Digging in and making your store look incredible.
    • Balancing out the booths at Designer Con.
    • Key points Brian looks for in an application.
    • Using your story telling skills to draw people in and be discovered.
    • The importance of being in the booth to meet your fans and meet your peers.
    • Getting offline and into life.
    • Is Designer Con a year long project?
    • The hidden costs in running Designer Con.
    • Emerging trends from the perspective of a business man and collector.
    • The worldwide expansion of toy production in the US Market.
    • Brian really sweats deciding what toy to save from his house.
    • A real DeLorean deal.
    • What makes Back To The Future an evergreen property?
    • Amber Alerts and Food Trucks.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design


    The Collection Volume V: Listen Here

    Episode 377 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 5: Ferg

    The Collection is back and this time Huck Gee and Mark Brickey bring you a man who was part of the new school even during the heyday of the old school. Ferg spearheaded the DIY designer toy game and has always taken matters into his own hands from his very first toy all the way to present day where he created Playge and developed the multiple toy lines within it. Once the bubble popped, many designers fell to the wayside while Ferg saw an uptick in his bottom line since his production and distribution means were always something he controlled. Ferg's story is one of self reliance, unbridled creativity and doing what you love on your own terms.

    Talking Points
    • Huck returns from his homeland and ToyCon UK energized and ready to go.
    • The popularity around social media and how it ties into your creativity and ego.
    • How The Collection is bringing down the curtain on the toy industry, where its going and who will be players in it.
    • The similarities between all creative markets and learning from the successes and failures of each.
    • TSA and the 80lb. duffel bag and Mark's Blood Sugar Vest.
    • The evolution of the blank and its variations.
    • Strategizing on who you want to work with in your industry.
    • The return to Gold Life.
    • Finding a scale where characters remain true to size.
    • Determining price points based off exposure and production in America.
    • The Huck Gee Vannen Watch Giveaway
    • Doing the new school model back in the old school days and how to avoid losing control of your product.
    • Starting with the sqube.
    • Moving away form cutesy designer toys.
    • Ferg's entry point into the world of toys.
    • Making clothes for very small things.
    • Making a living selling direct to consumers.
    • Unrealistic standards for selling out a product.
    • Readjusting your ego and predicting the end of hype.
    • Assembly as a Build A Bear for Squadt.
    • Inventing the Third Eye and using visual tricks that engage your audience.
    • Drawing inspiration from the illustration techniques of the skateboard industry.

    Talking Points in the Circle Of Trust

    • The most desirable scale for designers to work with.
    • Getting your pieces through the door (literally).
    • Blind Box costs based off the number sculpts and colorways.
    • Selling direct to consumers versus distribution.
    • Broach Game.
    • Stumbling into similar creative territory and where you pull back.
    • Kozik takes on Print Mafia and makes them an offer they refused.
    • Flipping modern homes and the long con of property taxes.
    • Showcase Showdown tips.
    • Dream properties Ferg and Huck want to work with.
    • Toy designing as training for the inevitable pop culture apocalypse.


    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design


    The Collection Volume IV: Listen Here

    Episode 362 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 4: Jason Freeny 
    The Collection is back and this time Mark and Huck Gee sit down and talk with Jason Freeny about developing his dissection style he has come to be known for throughout his career. Jason made a decision to pursue artistic success by becoming known for one distinct look that is thoroughly explored over the timeline of a career and we get to hear about that journey in today's episode. 

    Talking Points
    - Huck has just released Le Sabre and he shares his process in creating it. 
    - How to handle technology fucking you over and minimizing the damage it does through various work habits. 
    - Designer Toy Industry cement secrets.
    - Creating hype for new product releases for your audience.
    - Traveling with your merchandise and planning for various airline's shipping policy.
    - Jason discusses how he developed his style of dissecting various characters.
    - Choosing to work with pop culture imagery and treading into the murky legal waters of Intellectual Property Laws. 
    - Receiving artistic attention for your own work or receiving attention for working with well known pop culture imagery. 
    - Developing a pricing structure based around time invested and what your market can afford.
    - Handling creative fatigue when you work within a distinct style across many years and keeping your audience engaged as well. 
    - Demystifying the internet personas of artists and realizing your peers can be just as lost and confused as you are. 

    Talking Points in the Circle Of Trust
    - Why Huck and Jason sell artistic prints of their characters and how customers respond to the alternate mediums. 
    - A customers perception of what "Out Of Stock" means versus what "Sold Out" means. 
    - Why grayscale variants look so fucking cool.
    - Choosing to work with a distribution company when you work alone.
    - Placing your artwork in a template to analyze the form, colors, and details.
    - Mark uncovers a secret international bromance in Singapore.

     In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

    The Collection Volume III: Listen Here

    Episode 342 “The Collection with Huck Gee Volume III: Miranda O'Brien of Clutter Magazine”

    The Collection happens the first Wednesday of every month on Adventures In Design when toy famous designer Huck Gee joins us along with special guests and we talk about the world of collectable designer toys with folks that range from collectors to designers and everyone in-between. On Volume III we evaluate Huck’s first two months in 2016, Huck has realized that maybe he’s been focusing on the wrong part of his career.

    The Collection Volume III: Miranda O'Brien of Clutter Magazine

    Miranda O’Brien has her own tiny empire that she runs with her husband and friends, Clutter Magazine, Clutter Studios and Gallery. On top of running the Clutter empire once a year she throws a little party called the Designer Toy Awards. Everything she does comes from the perspective of a fan who loves collectible toys and her number one goal is to educate / recruit new people, that she hopes will love Miranda’s corner of the art world as much as she does. 

    Miranda O’Brien of Clutter Magazine Interview
    • How Miranda fell in love with collectable toys and publishing. 
    • Creating a collectable magazine for audience that loves collecting.
    • Diversifying from strictly publishing a magazine and getting into the retail game.  
    • The importance of educating fans of art to hopefully grow your niche. 
    • Creating an award ceremony and creating enemies (until they win).
    • Gateway drugs. Using entry level products to transition passers by into passionate collecting fans. 

    Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Huck Gee and Miranda O'Brien of Clutter Magazine (Paid Content)
    • How the global economy relates to the world of collectors.
    • Why it’s important to have industry trendsetters and tastemakers.
    • Running a free magazine versus a paid subscription model.
    • Making a empire with the person you make love to!
    • Premium level art toys and how licensed goods can help fund these passion projects. 
    • How reinventing the lifestyle behind collectable toys could be the shot in the arm that the scene needs. 
    • Has social media destroyed a industry needed cloak of mystery. 

    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

    The Collection Volume II: Listen Here

    Episode 327 “The Collection with Huck Gee Volume II: Dov Kelemer of DKE”
    The Collection happens the first Wednesday of every month on Adventures In Design when toy famous designer Huck Gee joins us along with special guests and we talk about the world of collectable designer toys from collectors to designers. We evaluate Huck’s first month in 2016, cleaning up his web store and still plotting and panning his future. 

    The Collection Volume II: Dov Kelemer of DKE
    Chances are any vinyl toy or art toy designer you can name at one point in time Dov Kelemer and his distribution company DKE probably moved their units. We get to sit down with a guy that probably knows as much as you could know about wholesale and retail aspect of art toys. Hear his story in going from Star Wars liquidation guy to being one of the best friends a artist could ever have. 

    Dov Kelemer of DKE Interview
    Dov shares with us how he got into the game and when he knew it was time to walk away. He explains how he helped designers keep their egos in check, so that they could go on to cash some checks. The truth about how wholesale really works and just how much you need to sale at narrow margins to keep the lights on. Dov has two decades of wholesale experience and has sold millions of dollars of product. Dov shares with us all the hard math behind the industry.

    Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Huck Gee and Dov Kelemer of DKE (Paid Content)
    • Huck and Dov theorize the future of the collectable market.
    • Dov shares his advice on how to get into the world of selling your own produced toys.
    • The future of collectable wholesale and retail.
    • Funko Pop’s place in the designer market.
    • How to get your product into stores and how to pick the right stores.
    • Everyone is doing what their doing right now because they have to, whats best for you may not be best for others.
    • How to find your market of customers.
    • The Frank Kozik publishing business model.
    • The good and bad side of consignment deals.
    • Explaining the breakdown of fees and services when working with a reputable wholesale distributor.

    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

    The Collection Volume 1: Listen Here

    AID Episode 308 “The Collection with Huck Gee Volume I: Joe Ledbetter”
    The Collection happens the first Wednesday of every month on Adventures In Design when toy famous designer Huck Gee joins us along with special guests and we talk about the world of collectable designer toys from collectors to designers. We evaluate Huck’s limited release from last December. Working hard bust still feeling lazy. Don’t Be A Cock Be A Tiger! 

    The Collection Volume I: Joe Ledbetter
    Share The Wealth, The Wealth of Knowledge is how start off the first ever episode of The Collection. Huck Gee evaluates and scores his 2015 performance and predicts his new path for the new year. 

    Joe Ledbetter Interview
    We get to meet Joe Ledbetter and hear about his work life before becoming Joe Ledbetter and working in the apparel industry, saving money and painting during every free moment that he had. Joe shares with us releasing his first product release that quickly became a huge overnight success. From working with the biggest designer toy company in the world to starting his own company, we get to hear it all from Joe Ledbetter. 

    Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Huck Gee and Joe Ledbetter (Paid Content)
    • Running Your Own Toy Company
    • How Much To Invest Into Packaging
    • The New Model For Distribution 
    • Wholesale Versus Retail
    • The Future of Blind Box Toys
    • Are Brick And Mortar Stores Gone Forever
    • Keeping Your Customers Aware of Your Releases
    • How To Stay Motivated When You Work Harder For A Smaller Return
    • Ignoring How You May Appear on Paper Because Getting A Real Job Isn’t A Option
    • Guessing The Correct Production Run

    In partnership with the fine folks at Adventures in Design

    The Collection - official announcement: Listen Here

    AID Episode 292 "12 Tubes of Christmas with Huck Gee"

    Huck Gee, is a contemporary artist, illustrator, designer toy maker, and designer best known by toy enthusiasts for his iconic "Skullhead" character. He works and lives in San Francisco, California.

    In today’s episode Huck is revealed as our 12th Tube of Christmas
    - 5 random prints valued at a total of $195-200
    - Bonus buttons and decals
    - A random t-shirt
    - Two random winners will receive one of two 44” x 30” Skullhead Blank illustrations printed on archival quality canvas (ready for stretching and mounting), signed and numbered, normally $150 each. 1/25 odds to win.
    - Limited to only 50 tubes.
    - For 24 Hours Only!

    Talking Points In Today’s Episode.
    - Mark & Huck make another big announcement for Adventures In Design’s 2016 programming. 
    - A review of what did Designer Con show us about the future of the collector design market.
    - We look at the explosion of the collector market and speculate on what the future could be.
    - Mark dissects the decline of Kidrobot as the industry leader.

    In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
    - We review the big moves of Huck’s 2015 and what he hopes to accomplish in 2016.
    - A few tips on growing your audience and understanding the art of pricing. 
    - The future business model for artists wanting to create a career in designer collectability.

    The pre-Collection Interview: Listen Here

    AID Episode 237 - The Reinvention of Huck Gee 

    World famous urban vinyl toy designer Huck Gee talks with us about the rise and fall of collector toys, his highs and lows with Kidrobot and most importantly his last year of reinvention, as he sets out to change his career and some would say the world of collectable toys. 

    Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 237
    - How Huck Gee stumbled into the world of designer toy collecting and found a little website called Kidrobot.
    - Early days of vinyl toy design and realizing that he had stumbled onto something really huge.
    - Pushing the template, breaking the mold and fucking with people.
    - What it really feels like and means to have your work in the MOMA, working with Marc Jacobs and creating work for Christie's Auction House.
    - The rise and fall of the collector toy market.
    - How hard you have to work to make it happen.
    - The art of collect ability and how to perfectly ride that line.
    - Huck's last year of reinvention as he takes the reigns of his career and creates his own toy line.
    - The huge investment and gamble in this do or die moment in his career.
    - There are no rules to working for yourself.
    - Learning from the missteps along the way.

    In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Content)
    - The truth on leaving Kidrobot.
    - Getting into intellectual property design.
    - Tips on how to get into making your own toys.


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