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Modular Robotics - Moss - Huck Tank

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This was an truly unique and awesome project. I got to design everything: the parts, the package, the IOS app. It was a true challenge to wrap my head around all the variations possible. We must've went through 20+ revisions and my input altered the course of the entire product development. 

The Huck Tank was originally only available to the Moss Kit Kickstarter Backers. There were less than 100 of these made. Production ended up costing 3x the original estimate and would've priced for $800 had it ever went to retail. However, the Huck Tank will never be released to the public.

But... I have 4 AP's. :)  

Each one is signed. Here's your only chance to get your hands on one. Not only is it a Huck Gee design it's also an amazing educational robot that can be integrated with other Moss products. And it comes with it's own IOS app for play: App Store

The Huck Tank is the first in the MOSS Artist Series and is designed by Huck GeeThe Huck Tank kit has 32 MOSS blocks and is designed to be assembled into a little tank that drives around and shoots things with foam darts.

The white plastic frames that give shape to normal MOSS blocks are injection moulded at one of our suppliers in China.  We’ve never been able to injection mould plastic parts in the USA; it’s just always been too expensive.  Way too expensive, like we’d need to charge $100 more for a kit expensive.  But things have changed: we’re manufacturing the plastic parts that are new in the Huck Tank at an injection moulder in the USA!  In Colorado!  The supplier is pretty awesome.  They’re building the moulds out of aircraft aluminum instead of tool steel, and they should last plenty long.  Easier machining in aluminum makes for USA moulds at a competitive (yes, it’s still more expensive, but not double or 10x) price to Chinese manufacturing.  Cool.

There are two different ways to play with the tank.  In autonomous mode, it’ll drive around and avoid obstacles, firing its dart whenever it hears a double clap.  Or, download the iOS/Android app and remote control the tank and turret.  Of course, you can also build anything you want, or mix and match the Huck Tank modules with your normal MOSS modules to create huge foam dart shooting monster robots.

More info on Moss educational robots: http://www.modrobotics.com/moss/

Instructions to Assemble your Huck Tank: http://www.modrobotics.com/moss/huck-tank/

Early prototype:

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