Huck Gee

Huck Gee is a museum allocated, award winning creative that founded an industry leading design house in the heart of San Francisco, drove Kidrobot to critical acclaim, and launched and led Superplastic to be the creative monstrosity it is today.

He has won a wealth of awards and international acclaim for the characters and creative worlds that he has developed. He created virtual superstars Janky™, Guggimon, & Dayzee™ and his toy designs are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. From designing video games to developing hundreds of unique collectible toys, Huck has built and led teams on global projects, working alongside acclaimed artists and notable brands like Gucci, Gorillaz, Ken Block, Nike, & Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Huck has decades of experience as a leading Creative Director, working in every area of design, branding, marketing, manufacturing & distribution. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries and auction houses worldwide. He has journeyed on numerous international signing tours and he has had his designs published in an ungodly amount of books and magazines. He studied the industry of hype and grew his brand from a literal sketchbook doodle to becoming the leader of an industry with an impeccable reputation for design.

Huck is currently consulting with Living Cities, InWorld, and other innovative startups in the Metaverse, AR/VR, AI, & Game industries. 

When not creating art or planning world domination, Huck Gee spends his time riding bikes and throwing his kids in the pool. Not necessarily at the same time.